Professional Carpet Dyeing for Offices in Rockville, MD; Restore Color of Carpets, Remove Bleach Spots & More

Office building carpets are notorious for soiling patterns, staining and fading. Due to the constant foot traffic and daily activities at the office, it comes as no surprise that they frequently need carpet dyeing and restoration services. Many office building owners will seek professional carpet dyeing services to help restore their carpets. Carpet that has bleach spots, stains, soiling or fading can easily be repaired with carpet dyeing services. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing works as well as the benefits for offices and other commercial buildings.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Office buildings are prone to stains and soiling followed by bleach spots and fading. When carpet develops these types of imperfections the office building owner will need to either replace or restore the carpets. One of the many benefits of restoring carpet with carpet dyeing service is that the office building can avoid the expense of carpet replacements as well as the intrusion. Replacing carpet can be very invasive and disturb the office activities. To avoid the disturbance and cost of carpet replacements, you should know that carpet can be restored with less disturbance and at far less the cost with carpet dyeing services.

Remove Bleach Spots & Stains

Both bleach spots and stains that won’t wash out can be easily repaired. As those pale bleach spots are the absence of dye in the carpet, to repair them means to restore the color back into the carpet. This is done by accurately matching the carpet’s dye. Repairing bleach spots is accomplished with a dropper or a small spray gun much like an air brush. The dyes are slowly blended into the carpet, small amounts at a time. Stains are treated very similarly. However, the stain needs to be bleached out first. When stains cannot be cleaned out of the carpet, a carpet dye technician will deliberately bleach out the stain. Once all of the pigment has been removed, the dye is reapplied into the carpet.

Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color

When carpet inside offices have soiling, traffic patterns or have faded they tend to look very bad and can affect the mood of the work environment. When carpet colors are dull due to soiling or have lost their once brighter colors, they can be repaired with total room carpet dyeing. Carpets that need their color restored are often first cleaned and then dyed. The office building owner or manager can either choose to change the color of the carpet or re-dye it to its original coloring. When carpets are dyed there are a number of different methods the process can be accomplished. One method uses a large sprayer that canvases the surface of the carpet. Another method uses a carpet dyeing machine that is similar to that of a carpet cleaning machine. After carpet has been re-dyed or even before carpet loses its color, carpet can been continually re-dyed. With carpet cleaning carpet/dyeing services, the carpet can be cleaned and re-dyed at the same time. This maintains the carpet’s beauty.

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Carpet dyeing services can greatly help maintain carpets inside offices buildings. For office building owners that need their carpet restored, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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