How Does Carpet Dye Work for Bleach Spots in Johns Creek, MD? Perfect Match Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

When a home or commercial building has bleach spots on their carpet, the owners will often begin looking for solutions. When bleach spots occur, you cannot simply wash them away like a stain. However, there is a solution to bleach spots and that is professional bleach spot repairs. When hiring a professional you can be sure of great results. A professional will take all of the needed steps to ensure that the repairs are perfect. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how a professional carpet dyeing service repairs bleach spots.

Neutralizing Carpet Bleach Spots

Bleach spots are essentially a small area of the carpet that has had its dye affected and the color is partially or completely removed. When a bleach spot occurs the spot can be repaired by adding the dye back into the carpet. As the concept of repairing bleach spots may seem simple, there is a much more elaborate process to bleach spot repair. When repairing bleach spots the first step is evaluation. Bleaching can have a different effect on the carpet depending on how long the bleach sat on the carpet, as well as the amount of bleaching agent, and constancy. At times the bleach result was minor and some pigment remains in the carpet. However, even though there is some pigment left in the carpet the color can be distorted. If this is the case the bleach spot may require full bleaching out more to remove all of the pigment in the carpet.

Clean Site of Bleach Spots on Carpet

Once the site has been bleached out (if needed), the next step is to clean the bleach spot site. It is important to make sure there is no dirt, chemicals, or other substances in the carpet that can cause any interference with the repairs. The site will be flushed with water multiple times and a vacuum will suck out the remaining moisture. In some cases a cleaning solvent may be used. Once the site is cleaned and is mostly dry the bleach spot is ready to be repaired.

Perfect Carpet Color Match

A professional carpet dye technician will mix the dye formula on site. This comes as a surprise to many people as you can find pre-made dye color online. However, these dye colors will never match your carpet perfectly. For one, as carpet ages its color will fade, and second, each carpet manufacturer uses their own dye formula which you can’t buy from them directly. There is no simple way to get the exact dye color. A professional has the training to know dyes and how to mix them to create a perfect dye color to match with the rest of your carpet. One of the major benefits of using a professional bleach spot repair service is the result. A professional can ensure accurate repairs. When repairing bleach spots a professional can have a bleach spot repaired within 30 minutes or longer depending on the size and or number of spots they are repairing. For quick repairs and perfect results, seek out professional bleach spot repairs.

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