Hiring Carpet Dye Contractors for Bleach Spots in Gaithersburg, MD; Carpet Dyeing Restoration to Match Color of Carpets

Bleach spots are one of the worst types of carpet stains that simply cannot be removed. Bleach spots cannot be removed with any type of cleaning method you might try. However, bleach spots can be repaired. When bleach spots occur on your carpet, whether you are in a commercial or residential setting, the good news is that a bleach spot can be repaired with the aid of a professional carpet dyeing service. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired.

How to Repair Bleach Spots in Carpet

Natural wool carpet blends are manufactured into large sheets where they are later dyed. Dyes in the carpet or other fabrics are vulnerable to bleaching substances. There are a number of bleaching agents that can result in unsightly bleach spots on carpet when exposed. When carpets are exposed to bleaching chemicals the dyes will break down and result in pale spots that are very distracting and will ruin the aesthetics of the carpet. When it comes to repairing bleach spots, essentially the dyes are restored back into the carpet fibers that was broken down and stripped out by the bleaching agent. There are a number of steps to bleach spot repair to ensure that the bleach spot is repaired correctly.

Professional Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

One of the first steps when repairing bleach spots is evaluation. A professional carpet dye technician will determine what steps will be needed to repair the bleach spot perfectly. During the evaluation we will determine if the bleach spot will require further bleaching, cleaning and the best method to dye the carpet. If the evaluation determines that the bleach spot will require some further bleaching, that will be the next step to bleach spot repair. Bleaching is often done when some pigment remains in the carpet that may interfere with the new dyes. A bleaching agent is applied to finish breaking down the dyes in the carpet. Next, the bleach spot is cleaned thoroughly. If there is any bleach, chemicals, or other substances within the carpet, they will need to be removed to ensure the dyes adhere to the carpet fibers. Once the carpet is cleaned the carpet is now ready to be dyed. Depending on the nature of the bleach spot, the technician may decide to use either a syringe, air brush tool, or a dropper to apply the dye. It important that the dye is applied in small amounts to prevent over dyeing the carpet, which would cause a dark spot. The dye is applied in smaller amounts and blended in slowly. Once the carpet matches perfectly, the technician will allow the site to dry.

Perfectly Color Bleached Carpet

Professional bleach spot repair can be done rather quickly. Depending on the size and number of bleach spots, they can be repaired within as little as 30 minutes. Depending on the situation, it could take longer. A professional can ensure the repair will match the rest of the carpet perfectly. With professional bleach spot repair, your carpet will look beautiful again. When a commercial or residential carpet develops bleach spots, your carpet can be repaired.

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