Carpet Dyeing for Assisted Living Facilities in Cleveland, OH? Can You Dye Carpets as You Clean?

At an assisted living facility many will entrust their loved ones to be cared for and to ensure them a quality life. The assisted living facility isn’t just a place with a staff dedicated to care for those in need, but the building also promises to be a healthy and safe environment. One aspect of the building that undergoes a lot of care is the building’s carpets. In an assisted living facility, carpets provide a soft and non-slip surface which enhances comfort and safety. Carpets are also a great insulator which helps keep the indoor temperature at a more constantly level. Even though carpets are ideal in assisted living facilities, they do require a lot of work. Carpet needs to be vacuumed frequently and deep cleaned every few months. As carpets are well managed in assisted living facilities, they still develop problems such as bleach spots, stains, and faded carpets. When the carpet appearance begins to diminish, the carpet appearance can be restored. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how carpet dyeing can restore carpets in assisted living facilities.

Can You Dye Carpets as You Clean Them?

Carpet dyeing services can help restore carpets in assisted living facilities in many different ways. Carpet dyeing is a safe and effective way to restore the carpets appearance. The dyes used for carpet are non-toxic and will not wash out or rub off. An entire carpeted area can be redyed and its color restored within a few hours. If the assisted living facility wishes, the carpet color can be changed as well. Carpet dyeing can revive the color of dull and faded carpets. If the assisted living facility owner wishes to maintain the color of their carpets, some carpet dyeing services can clean and dye the carpets at the same time. While the carpets are being cleaned, small amounts of dye are left behind to maintain the carpet’s color forever.

How Do You Fix Bleach Spots & Specialty Stains on Carpet?

However, dyeing the carpet isn’t the only way carpet appearance can be restored. Stain and bleach spots are another common problem for carpets everywhere including in assisted living facilities. Stains that cannot be washed out, even with a professional stain removal service, can be repaired. These stains are known as specialty stains. When carpets in an assisted living facility has a specialty stain you may need to remove the stain by bleaching it out. A bleaching agent is applied over the stain which will remove the stain as well as the dye. With the stain removed you will have a bleach spot on the carpet. A bleach spot can be repaired. You simply need to redye over the bleach spot. When repairing a bleach spot the site is cleaned with a bleach neutralizer to deactivate the bleach. Then the bleach spot is dyed to restore perfectly, the color of the carpets.

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When assisted living facilities have carpet that has been well cared for but develops some aesthetic issues, carpet can be made beautiful once again. When assisted living facility owners need their carpets beautifully restored, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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