Carpet Dyeing to Make Old Discolored & Faded Carpet Look New when Selling Home in Carney, MD

Carpet dyeing companies provide a wide range of services that can help improve the appearance of the carpets. Carpets can look terrible even though they are actually in great condition. When it comes to selling homes, realtors often find themselves responsible for selling a home with carpets that needs help improving the appearance. Carpets can become faded, develop stains, bleach spots or look dirty even though the carpets still have some life left. When a realtor needs help improving the carpets to sell a home they only need to seek out Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We provide a number of different services that can help enhance the beauty of the carpets. Following are the many ways we can help improve carpets and boost the appeal of the home.

Revive Color While Cleaning Carpet

This is a unique service that can help clean dirty carpet and also provide a color enhancement. When carpet needs to be cleaned in the home and the realtor wants the carpet to look new, this is a perfect service. While cleaning the carpet we also leave behind a small amount of the dye that helps to enrich the carpet’s color. With color revival carpet cleaning, you can get clean and vibrant carpets that make the carpet look new and fresh!

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

When carpets are severely faded out they need a stronger application of dye to help restore the carpet’s color. Whole room carpet dyeing covers the entire carpeted area with a fresh dose of dye. The carpet will look practically new with whole room carpet dyeing. When a realtor needs the home’s carpets color renewed, carpet dyeing is a fast and effective way to restore the carpet’s color.

Carpet Dyeing Color Change

When the realtor feels the current color of the carpet isn’t helping in the sale of the home, the carpet’s color can be changed. Carpet can be dyed a new color which can help match color themes in the home or have a neutral color to improve the sale of the home.

Specialty Carpet Stain Removal

When the carpet in a home has stains that will not wash out these are considered a specialty stain. It is always best to try to clean a stain first. However, if that fails the stain can be bleached out. When bleaching a stain you will remove the stain along with the dye. The stain is now a bleach spot that will need to be repaired and the carpet restored. Stains can be removed to help the appearance of the carpet.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach spots can also be repaired on carpets. This is done by restoring the color at the site of the bleach spot. Bleach spots can ruin the aesthetics of even brand new carpets and make selling a home a bigger challenge. When there is bleach spot in a home that a realtor must sell, improve your chances of success by having the bleach spot repaired.

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Buyers will judge a home by what they see. Do not let the carpets in a home discourage buyers. If you need help restoring carpet in a home that is for sale, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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