Carpet Dyeing & Color Restoration to Repair & Remove Old Spilled Bleach Spots from Carpets in Germantown, MD

Bleach spots are the worst stains that can occur on carpets. There are many commercial buildings and/or commercial settings that have developed bleach spots on their carpets. Bleach spots can be very distracting, reduce the value of the building and be impossible to remove with carpet cleaning methods. However, bleach spots can be repaired with professional carpet dyeing services. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share more on commercial bleach spot repair in any commercial setting.

Are Bleach Spots Really Stains?

Bleach spots are often mistaken for stains. However, they are not actually stains on the carpet. Stains comes from color altering substances that can be cleaned or washed out with proper cleaning techniques. Bleach spots are the absence of color in the carpet. A bleaching agent, such as a bleach or chlorine that comes in contact with the dyes in the carpet will result in the loss of pigmentation. The truth is that bleach spots cannot go away with cleaning or washing. To repair bleach spots, dye needs to be restored back into the carpets.

How to Get Rid of Bleach Spots

When repairing bleach spots the steps will vary depending on how mild or severe the bleaching is. Bleaching can occur at different levels. The levels of bleach may depend on how concentrated or diluted the bleaching agent was as well as how long the bleaching agent was on the carpet. At times, bleaching may have been mild, resulting in a discoloration on the carpet but not complete bleaching. Complete bleaching will result in a pale or white spot on the carpet. When complete bleaching occurs these spots are the easiest to repair as most of the work has already been done. When complete bleaching occurs, there are two major steps: first, clean the bleach site and two, re-dye the spot. When carpets have mild or partial bleaching and discoloration occurred there is an additional step needed to repair the spot. Mild bleach spots will need complete bleaching which means the dye technician will need to complete the bleaching process. The technician will apply a bleaching agent to remove all of the pigment in the carpet., This makes it easier and provides a higher quality repair. Once the site has been completely bleached out, the technician will then clean and dye the site of the bleach spot.

Spilled Bleach Bleach Neutralizer for Carpet

Depending on the type of carpet, the amount of time it takes to repair the bleach spots will vary. For example, bleach spots on multi colored carpet or those with patterns will take longer as only one color is dyed at a time. Additionally, it is more time consuming and takes more control to re-dye color or patterned carpets. Solid colored carpets are much faster to dye. Matching the color of dye comes easy to a professional and they typically have all the dye color formulas on hand. Both solid and multi colored carpet can be repaired in a relatively short period of time, which promises not to disturb commercial business productivity.

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