Residential Bleach Spot Repair in Waldorf, MD Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration to Remove Permanent Spots

Many homeowners work hard to maintain their carpets, but much to their dismay, nothing can stop bleach spots. Bleach spots can occur on carpet in many ways. Most bleach spots occur due to spills or the wrong cleaners were used to clean up spills. Other causes of bleach spots are chlorine exposure or hygiene products such as foot creams. When bleach spots occur on carpet, many homeowners will look for ways to restore their carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how bleach spots can be repaired inside your home.

How Bleach Spills Lighten Carpet in Spots

When bleach spots happen on carpet they leave a permanent mark on the carpet. Depending on how long the bleach was on the carpet, the bleaching effects will vary. Complete bleaching will remove all of the pigment out of the carpet, leaving an almost white spot on the carpet. A more mild exposure may cause discoloration of the carpet that can vary in color depending on the primary colors used to create the dye. As many homeowners know all too well, when bleach spots occur they cannot be washed out and cleaned. Bleach spots are the result of the dyes being dissipated or stripped out of the carpet. Many homeowners will look for ways to repair their carpets. Many will look for online DIY remedies such as crayon dye repair or dye repair kits you can buy online. However, neither of these DIY repair attempts work as promised. Homeowners do not have to feel defeated. Instead, seek professional bleach spot repair.

How to Remove Bleach Spots

A professional carpet dyeing service will often provide bleach spot repair and guarantee perfect results. When a carpet dye technician comes to a home to repair a bleach spot they will first look at the bleach spot and determine what steps will be needed to repair the bleach spot. Some of the easier bleach spots to repair are the more severe bleach spots. When all of the dye has been stripped out of the carpet, the bleach spot only requires a quick cleaning followed by the dyeing process. The dyeing process is done slowly as a small amount of dye is applied at a time. The dye technician will recreate the exact dye formula and begin repairing the bleach spot. As they slowly blend the dye into the carpet, they will ensure the color matches perfectly. In mild bleaching cases, at times carpet may need to be completely stripped of color to properly repair the bleach spot. The carpet dye technician may need to use a special bleaching agent to remove the rest of the color out of the carpet. Next, the bleaching agent or site of the bleach will be cleaned to ensure the dye properly absorbs into the carpet. Again, the dye technician will apply small amounts of dye to ensure the color matches perfectly.

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Carpets that are solid in color or those with patterns can be repaired as well. When repairing bleach spots, non-toxic dyes are used that will not bleed, run or transfer after the dye finishes drying. For bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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