Carpet Dyeing for Retail Stores in Allentown, PA to Restore Sun Fading, High Traffic Color Loss & More

Retail centers must be kept looking clean to ensure the sale of their product or services. When you walk into a dirty retail center most people feel as if they are getting a discounted or subpar product or will leave. Appearance is everything when it comes to retail centers. Even though we are told never to judge a book by its cover, in most cases everyone does. Where retail centers may keep their shelves, windows and floors cleaned, it can be a difficult task maintaining clean and new looking carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how carpet dyeing services can help retail centers and all commercial settings.

Carpet Wear, Fading & Color Loss in Retail Shops

Retail centers will use carpeted areas throughout the store and building. In most cases carpet in retail centers can be kept cleaned and well managed. However, there are times when the carpet becomes stained or discolored. Retail centers that sell products that contain chlorine or bleach find the products can leak and permanently cause color loss to the carpet. Depending on the nature of the business, there can be a number of sources for stains from food to paint and everything in between. When the carpet gets stained it can affect the appearance of the entire store. Carpet can also fade and become discolored due to sun fading and high foot traffic which is common in retail centers and as such the carpet undergoes vigorous cleaning. This also has its effect on the carpet’s appearance. Studies has proven that the appearance of the building inside and out can have a major effect on customers. Since carpet can be difficult to maintain, many retail centers will look for ways to help maintain clean and new looking carpets without it costing a fortune. One effective method is with carpet dyeing services which can help save both time and money.

Carpet Dyeing Process for Retail Centers

Following are some of the basic services carpet dyeing can provide retail centers and other commercial carpets.
Total Carpet Dyeing: Even when a carpet has been well maintained, there are times that the retail changes up its design or a new retail company moves in. Often they will want to change the color of the carpet. Carpet dyeing service can change the carpet’s color if desired. There are some limitations to what color the carpet can be changed to, since essentially you’re adding more dye to alter the color. However, by changing the color versus replacing the carpet, you can prevent waste, and save time and money.
Carpet Re-Dyeing: When carpet becomes discolored or faded but is still in fair condition the carpet can be cleaned and re-dyed, reviving the carpet back to its original color. The entire carpet or only sections can be re-dyed to help restore the carpet. Carpet dyeing is fast. Of course, depending on the style of carpet time can vary. However, when the carpet is dry business can continue. Again by re-dyeing the carpet it helps restore the carpet which prevents wasting good carpet and saves the retails center time and money.
Bleach Spot Repairs: Bleach spots can also be repaired with carpet dyeing services. After the spot or has been cleaned and some discoloration remains, the carpet dye service can apply a dye mixture to re-dye the carpet and blend the stain in with the rest of the carpet.

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