Replace or Dye Commercial Carpet in Cincinnati, OH? Cost, Condition of Carpets & More

Before you decide to have your carpets completely replaced, consider carpet dyeing. Thousands of dollars can be saved, plus the inconvenience that comes with having new carpet installed. The dyes used in the carpet dyeing process are permanent and will not come out when your carpets are cleaned. The dyes used are the same ones that carpet manufacturers use and will last as long as the carpet does. The dyes and chemicals used in the process are non-toxic and odor free, making them safe to use around your family and pets.

Cost of Dyeing VS Replacing Carpet

Businesses spend a lot more money to replace their carpet versus dyeing it. The exact amount of savings will depend on exactly how much dyeing needs to be applied. Luxury apartment complexes can save a lot of money when renters forfeit their deposit due to bleach spots, sun fading and other discoloration that makes the carpet look terrible. For example, say your tenant’s security deposit was $2000. Luxury apartment complexes can accurately state that high cost of replacement when there is another much cheaper option; call a carpet dyeing company.

Reasons to Dye Carpet Rather than Replace

Carpet dyeing might not always be the answer. It may not work on some stain-resistant carpets and doesn’t make a lot of sense if your carpet isn’t in very good shape. However there are many situations where carpet dyeing is ideal!
1. When professional cleaning doesn’t work. There are times when no amount of professional cleaning will remove some stains. Carpets that are prone to stains can be dyed to cover up stubborn stains.
2. Carpet dyeing is a good option for smaller faded areas. If your carpet is newer or still in good condition but has smaller areas that need help, dyeing is a good option. The spot will fade again but dyeing it again will be less expensive than new carpet.
3. You just don’t like the color of your carpet anymore. You may love just about everything about your commercial building except the color of the carpet. Dyeing the carpet will totally transform the look of your storefront, but you will only be able to go as dark or darker than the current color.
4. You are selling your business premises. Anyone selling a building will want to spend as little money as possible for big results in the way it looks to potential buyers. Carpet dyeing is an affordable way to make that happen.
5. You are a landlord. As mentioned, landlords like to save money too. If the carpet in a rental property is in good shape but doesn’t look that great, dyeing will refresh the carpet for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

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Carpet dyeing is both practical and convenient. If your carpets are looking like they need to be replaced, consider dyeing them instead for a much lower cost. Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration for a consultation today!

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