Carpet Dyeing Restoration & Bleach Spot Repair for Discolored Carpets in Culpeper, VA Lawyer Offices

A lawyer’s office often reflects on the success of the firm. When seeking counsel or aid from a lawyer, often you expect their office to be clean and orderly. When a lawyer’s office is dirty and improperly maintained, often it puts doubt in the mind of the potential client. When maintaining a clean office, the cleaning service can handle basic cleaning and upkeep. However, not when carpet becomes faded, soiled, or have spots or stains. Certain aspects of carpet care require a professional, especially when it comes to restoring carpet color loss. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dye services can restore and maintain clean and vibrant carpets.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration

Basic carpet care starts with routine vacuuming and carpet cleaning. However, over time, vacuuming and even cleaning the carpet won’t restore the faded color of the carpet or recover the carpet from permanent stains. Soiling occurs in high foot traffic areas which creates dull trails in the carpet. Carpet can also fade over time due to improper or constant carpet cleaning or even from exposure to constant sunlight. To restore carpet from fading or stains, it requires the service of a carpet dye specialist. Carpets can be renewed with carpet dying services in different ways.

Carpet Color Revival & Dyeing Services

Carpet dyeing services use a number of methods to dye the carpet and restore its color. Often carpet looks old as the colors fade. However, carpet color can either be renewed with a fresh coat of dye or even changed. Carpet color can be changed depending on the current color of the carpet. In most cases, the carpet can be dyed a darker color. Because color is being added to the current color of the carpet the result is a darker hue. Therefore, the lighter the current color of the carpet the more options are available. When dyeing the carpet either a different color or refreshing the original color of the carpet, there are different methods to apply the dye. There is color revival carpet cleaning where the carpet is cleaned and dyed at the same time. There is also total carpet dyeing that uses a sprayer to apply the dye. For carpet with patterns or those with multiple colors, a smaller handheld sprayer, similar to an air brush, is used to dye small sections of the carpets at a time.

Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach spots or stains are common and as most people know, they are permanent. Bleach spots are not typical stains as it is the absence of color or pigment in the carpet. Carpet dye specialists can restore the bleach spots by adding the pigment back into the carpet. Bleach spot repair is very common and can help remove the bleach spots and restore the carpet’s color. Other stains can also be repaired. However, often it will depend on the nature of the stain. Most stains can be removed out of the carpet but may leave behind a slight discoloration which can be corrected with carpet dyes.

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When dyeing carpet, a non-toxic organic based dye is used that won’t rub off or transfer once dry. Carpet dyeing is a great way to help extend the life of carpet which saves time and money on carpet replacements. If your office at your firm needs a little restoration, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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