How Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair Services Assist Carpet Cleaners in Virginia Beach, VA

Carpet dyeing services will often work alongside or perform other services such carpet cleaning. As a carpet cleaning service may be hired to maintain clean carpet for commercial and residential companies, there are some limitations to their service. The majority of carpet cleaning services have the tools to provide basic cleaning for carpet. However, they don’t have the tools for dyeing and restoring the carpets. Carpet dyeing requires training and different tools, which can help revive the carpet that has been riddled with stains or is faded due to the sun, wearing over time or over cleaning etc. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services can help aid carpet cleaners in restoring their client’s carpets.

Replace Old Carpet Not Faded or Discolored Carpets!

Carpet cleaners are able to remove most stains, clean carpets and repair minor damage. They play a key role in maintaining and extending the life of the carpets. With regular carpet cleaning, carpet can last between 10 and 15 years depending on the carpet quality. However, as the carpet may last 10 to 15 years, often it’s color does not. Most carpet replaced is for aesthetic reasons and often has nothing to do with the carpet condition. As carpets age they may retain the fluff but will lose their color ether due to high foot traffic, UV damage or are a result of years of carpet cleaning. Carpet will often also be replaced due to bleach spots or permanent stains.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing or Color Change

Carpets don’t have to be replaced if they have lost their color or have been stained. Often carpet cleaners will seek additional help in restoring their client’s carpet from carpet dyeing services. Carpet dye services can help restore carpets that are still in good condition and have been properly cared for by the carpet cleaners. Carpet color can be reapplied into the carpet in a process known as total or whole room carpet dyeing. Carpets are first cleaned to prevent interference during the dyeing process. There are a few ways carpets are dyed. One method cleans and dyes the carpet at the same time. Other methods uses a large sprayer similar to a pressure cleaning machine. This machine sprays the carpet with dye and is gently worked in with a carpet tool. When the carpets are being dyed, the client has the option to restore the carpet’s original color or change the carpet color. However, there are limitations in that only a darker color can be achieved.

Bleach Spot Carpet Repair

When spills from bleach or chlorine fall on the carpet, the chemicals will strip out the pigment in the carpet, leaving a spot that will never be cleaned out. A few carpet cleaning services can repair bleach spots, but not many. For those with limited ability, the carpet cleaning service can seek out carpet dyeing services to restore bleach spots. It is actually very common for carpet cleaners to seek help restoring bleach spots from a carpet dye service. Bleach spots are easy for us to fix. When the pigment is gone, we simply add more pigment as needed. A carpet dye specialist will match the carpet color and reapply the dye on the spot, layer by layer, slowly adding and working the dye into the carpet.

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There are many other services such as rug color revival, pet stain and odor removal and more that Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration can lend a hand when it comes to a carpet cleaning service. We often work alongside other professionals as we help each other restore and maintain long lasting carpets. Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration to schedule our services.

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