Carpet Dyeing Services for an Assisted Living Facility in Bel Air North, MD; Bleach Spot Repair & More

In an assisted living facility there are those residents that need additional help and will often call this place home. As such the home should be kept comfortable and clean to promote a better quality of life and health. When caring for an assisted living facility, a lot of work goes into keeping the facility clean. However, even with detailed cleaning, nothing can stop carpets from developing nasty stains, fading, or even from getting bleach spots. When an assisted living facility finds their carpet needs more than just cleaning, but needs restoring, they can seek out carpet dyeing services. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services can restore the color and beauty of carpet inside assisted living facilities.

Causes of Faded & Discolored Carpets

In an assisted living facility, carpets are used throughout the building to provide a soft, non-slip surface for their patients. Carpet also better helps reduce noise and improves energy efficiency. Where carpet has many benefits, they can be challenging to maintain. Carpet can be vacuumed and cleaned. However, that will not prevent carpets from fading. Fading can be due to a number of different reasons and some cannot be prevented. When carpets fade, they tend to look run down, which ruins the aesthetics of the entire building. Luckily, faded carpets can be restored without the need for timely and expensive carpet replacements.

Can You Fix Fading Carpet?

When carpets have faded they can be restored by adding fresh dye back into the carpet. When the assisted living facility has carpet that has lost their color, the owner can choose to have the carpet dyed its same color or the carpet can be dyed a new color. You can change the color of the carpets without the need to replace them. However, when changing the color of the carpet, they will be a darker color as you are blending dye on top of the current color of the carpet. When dyeing carpet, non-toxic dyes are used which will ensure the safety of the patients and guests. The dyes used are also non-rubbing which means they will not wash away or transfer on to other surfaces. After dyeing the carpet in an assisted living facility, you will have vibrant carpets once again.

How Do You Get Bleach Spots & Stains Out of Carpet?

Fading of carpets isn’t the only carpet problem in an assisted living facility. Often carpet will develop stains or even bleach spots. Carpet with stains that will not come out with proper cleaning are considered a specialty stain. Often specialty stains require strong cleaning solvents to remove them, and if that fails, there is another option. You can remove the stain by bleaching the stain out. This is the most extreme solution to removing stains. However, once the stain is bleached out, the dye is removed from the carpet. Therefore, you essentially now have a bleach spot. Bleach spots, either intentionally or accidentally, can be repaired. As bleach spots are areas of the carpet that have lost their color or dye, you will need to put dye back into the carpet. When repairing a bleach spot, a professional service can perfectly recreate the dye color and then apply it to the carpet. A professional can perfectly match the repair site to the rest of the carpet to ensure quality repairs.

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