Carpet Dyeing Services to Restore Bleach Spots & Faded Carpets in Hotels in Pikesville, MD?

Hotels are very busy during summer break. With school over, families are able to go on vacation while staying at their favorite hotels. When a hotel manager finds their carpets look simply terrible, they often begin to look for fast and effective ways to restore their carpets. When carpet has stains, bleach spots or its color has become dull and faded, the carpet can be restored with carpet dyeing. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet in a hotel can be restored with minimum interference to hotel productivity.

Can I Restore Carpet Without Replacing It?

With summer break upon us, hotel management has already begun taking reservations and guests. Hotels simply cannot shut down for expensive and time consuming carpet replacements. When replacing carpet the old carpet and its padding will need to be removed. The tack strips are removed and the sub floor cleaned and prepped. Now the needed carpet and the padding can be installed. Replacing carpet is an invasive and time consuming task, which is best left for slower periods or off seasons. When the carpets only look terrible, this is an easy fix. Carpet dyeing services clean and restore the carpet’s appearance, making the carpet look new. One of the major benefits of carpet dyeing service is that it is fast and is not invasive. A small crew can do an entire room or conference area in a few hours or less.

How Can I Restore the Color to My Carpet?

Carpet dyeing isn’t just fast, it is also a very effective as a way to restore carpets. Carpet that looks dull either due to fading or dirt can be cleaned and then redyed. Carpets that are a single color or have multiple colors can be redyed the same color(s) or even a new color. Hotel managers do not have to wait for the carpet to look dull before seeking a carpet dyeing service. There is a unique carpet cleaning service that only cleans the carpet but also dyes the carpet at the same time. While carpets are cleaned a small amount of dye is applied to the carpet, maintaining the carpet’s vibrant colors.

Can Bleach Spots & Stubborn Stains Be Removed?

When carpet develops stains or bleach spots they too can be repaired with carpet dyeing services. Bleach spots are one of the worst things that can happen to carpets. Bleach strips the color right out of the carpet. Carpet that has bleach spot can be repaired by putting the stripped color back into the carpet. Repairing bleach spots require the site to be cleaned and the bleach neutralized. The area can then be dyed and the bleach spot repaired. Specialty stains are stains that will not wash out nor can they be cleaned. When you have a stain that will not wash out, they can be bleached out. With extreme stains come extreme action. The stain will be bleached out which will also remove the dye in the carpet. However, now you essentially have a bleach spot which can be repaired within a few minutes.

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Hotel owners that need their carpet restored without disturbing guests during this summer season can contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We understand the pressures of running a hotel and are eager to help maintain and repair your carpet without disturbing the hotel operation. For quality Carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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