Carpet Dyeing Solutions in Manassas, VA; When & How to Choose a Carpet Restoration Company & More

The way a carpet looks in a home will show how “lived-in” it is. All carpets will develop issues as they get older. They can develop ugly matted traffic patterns, pet stains, food stains, faded spots from the sun and bleach or chemical spots. While cleaning can help it’s not always possible to completely get rid of some of these stains and discolorations. This causes many homeowners to quickly jump to the conclusion that they need to replace their carpets, but the only time that carpet absolutely needs to be replaced is when there are threadbare in areas, torn or ripped.

How Often Should Carpets Be Replaced?

Most carpet installed today will last for 15-20 years and many will be replaced 70% of the time for reasons other than wear. Carpets don’t need to be replaced before they need to be if you choose carpet dyeing. Almost any existing carpet can be dyed. It’s a great alternative to replacement as it can cost a lot less. Many carpets that are ripped out for replacement are still in good condition but may look bad, discolored, faded, matted or stained and these issues are not covered by warranties. Carpets that can’t be dyed are the cheaper ones, like ones with polyester fibers. The company you choose to do it will know right away if your carets can be dyed or not.

Reasons for Carpet Dyeing

Carpet colors can become outdated and dyeing them is a great alternative to replacing it. The color doesn’t need to be outdated to dye it. You may just want a different look. Maybe that light neutral color you went with has become a frustration to keep clean. Many carpet colors don’t get worn out, they just get dated. Carpet dyeing works by restoring your carpet, protecting it and preserving its beauty. The color can be simply restored, brightened with carpet color revival or completely changed to a darker shade. Carpets that are patterned or multicolored can also be successfully dyed. Carpet dyeing can save a homeowner 50% over the cost of replacing it. It makes a lot of sense to consider dyeing your carpet!

How to Choose a Color Dyeing Restoration Company

It’s important to go with a company that has experience. Carpet dyeing is a specialized job. It takes expertise to do it right. Reputable companies such as Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will use technicians with specialized training. Following are questions you can ask to ensure you get the best results.
• Do you focus mostly on carpet dyeing?
• Are your technicians certified to do the work?
• Are the dyes guaranteed to be permanent and colorfast for as long the carpet lasts?
• Are the dyes used safe around children and pets?
• Do you have references or referrals?
• Do you use liquid or powdered dyes? (Liquid dyes are superior as they don’t leave any residue behind like powder dyes too. Powdered dyes also change the texture of the carpet making it feel crunchy and hard. Liquid dyes are also a lot more versatile and can achieve better color matching).
• Is even coloration guaranteed?
• Can you achieve a perfect color match?

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If you’re not in love with your carpet anymore, then changing the color of it may be the answer. To learn more about carpet dyeing give Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration a call for a consultation. We would love to hear from you!

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