How to Remove Bleach Spots (Stains) from Carpet in Vienna, VA; Call a Professional Carpet Dyeing Company!

When bleach, or products that contain bleach, spill or drip onto your carpet, the end result will be pale, white, or cream colored spots left on your carpeting. Regardless as to the color of carpet, bleach spots or stains look awful. Most people believe when bleach stains the carpets it is a long term problem that doesn’t go away until you replace your carpet. This however, isn’t so cut and dried. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how bleach stains can be recovered and your carpets restored.

Bleach Spills Remove Color in Carpet

The primary ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which is chlorine. Chlorine’s first purpose is to disinfect and kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Its second purpose is to remove color or stains, which is why white linens are used in hotels. They can be bleached after each use to ensure they are disinfected and reusable without the worry of removing or fading out color. However, where bleach is used for white linens or to bleach and disinfect hard surfaces, when they spill on your carpet, its affects are no longer appreciated.

What Not to Do When Treating Bleach Spots on Carpet

Unlike wine or grape juice stains that add undesired color into the carpet, bleach strips color out of carpets. When bleach stains occur, it not as simple as trying to remove the stain or spill. You need to recolor the affected areas. When bleaching occurs there are a few thing you will want to avoid or refrain from doing, or you can make the affects even worse. For example:
– Don’t pour water on the bleach; this will just cause the bleach to spread out even further and make a small spot larger.
– Don’t use any cleaning agents on the bleach; cleaners such as vinegar, resolve, and other carpet stain cleaners can make it more difficult to repair.
– Don’t scrub the bleach once it falls onto the carpet; scrubbing spreads the bleach making an even bigger bleach spot.
– Don’t use any method found on the internet unless it is approved by a professional. There are many DIY tricks that cause more problems. When it comes to repairing bleach spots, it requires the proper chemical reaction and the right mixture of color to match with the rest of the carpet. When methods to repair bleach spot say to use crayons or food dye, avoid these and use a professional. In many cases, DIY methods ruin the carpets and can never be repaired.

DIY Treatment for Bleach Spots on Carpet to Minimize Damage

When bleach spills or drips onto your carpet, there are a few simple steps you should do. First is to use a white dry clean cloth and press down gently on the spill. You will want to avoid using a color cloth so the dye from the cloth doesn’t run into the carpet. The cloth should help absorb most of the bleach and keep the damage minimal. The second step is to call a professional that is experienced in repairing bleach stains in carpets.

Bleach Spot Repair, Carpet Dyeing & More in Vienna, McLean, Manassas, Stafford, Woodbridge & Fredericksburg, VA | Maryland | Washington D.C.

Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration has experience in restoring carpets and can help match and recolor carpets after bleach stains occur. After a consultation and assessment, we get to work neutralizing the bleach. We then proceed to custom create colors to match the original and carefully add the dye to the faded carpet using several application methods which may range from an airbrush, spray bottle or syringe. If your carpets were stained by bleach, and you need help restoring your carpets, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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