Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color Loss Due to Sun Fading, High Foot Traffic, Bleach Spots & More in Roanoke, VA

Some churches host a number of events at their building such as weddings, speech conferences to help and inspire, prayer gatherings as well as holiday and youth events. As churches sponsor many activities for their communities, it comes as no surprise that they often require special maintenance needs. When regarding the care of the church carpet, many seek carpet dyeing services to help maintain and prolong the life of their carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how we have been able to maintain and restore carpet in many of our community churches.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration

Carpet in churches often suffer from stains and fading. Stains can occur from food and drinks during hosted events. Sometime spills or the misuse of cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine can cause the carpet to lose its pigment, leaving permanent spots in the carpets. When carpet needs to be deep cleaned, occasionally the cleaning can result in dye bleeding, which means the dyes run out of the fiber leaving the carpet faded. Carpet bleeding can occur due to reactions from an improper carpet cleaner or solvent that was used during cleaning. Areas with large windows that allow light to shine through can cause UV damage to carpet’s and the dye which lighten the carpet after extended periods of time.

Bleach Spot Carpet Repair

When carpets inside the church becomes faded or stained, carpet dyeing services come in and restores the carpets. Carpets with blemishes are easily repaired, including bleach spots. Bleach spots, are restored by reapplying the dye where the bleaching occurred. A carpet dye specialist can determine the carpet’s original dye formula or use one similar and add the dye back into the carpet, which restores its color.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing & Color Changes

Carpets that are faded will require whole room carpet dyeing. Whole room carpet dyeing is a process where first they are cleaned to ensure there are no substances still in the carpet that can interfere with the dye soaking into the carpet fibers. Afterward, the carpets are dyed using either a carpet dyeing machine or a sprayer and a carpet brush to blend in the dye. In many cases, carpet will need multiple layers of dyes, with a single layer being applied at a time. Another common service performed at churches is carpet color changes. Carpet inside churches often get changed to a darker color, especially in event rooms or places with high foot traffic. Changing the carpets to a darker color hides soiling and stains and extends the need for carpet cleaning which can have negative effects if done too frequently. Other times the interior design of the church may also change. To help prevent the need to replace the carpets, churches often request the color to be dyed a darker color.

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Dyeing the carpet helps the church maintain beautiful carpets and ensures the church building is ready for the next event. As churches often host many events along with weekly worship services, they focus on maintaining a clean and beautiful building. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration is pleased to help provide clean and vibrant carpet in churches in our communities. For quality carpet dyeing services for church and many other settings, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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