Restoration of Church Sanctuary Carpets in Hampton, VA; Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair

When you think of a Church you expect to see open spaces, luxury size windows and overall a very clean and reverent space to worship. For those attending Church services, there are certain aspects you hope never to see. Dull and stained carpets are one of them. For Church leadership, it important to maintain their buildings carpets for parishioners. Replacing carpet often requires the Church to close it’s doors until the new carpets are installed. Replacing Church carpet can also become quite expensive as Churches are expected to have high quality carpets deserving of such a place of worship. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how Churches can have clean and fresh looking carpet for worshipers without the costly and inconvenient need of having to replace the carpets.

Disadvantages of Replacing Stained & Faded Carpets

In Churches, carpets are exposed to high foot traffic, high levels of UV exposure from stained and other glass windows as well as various stains and spots from parishioners and cleaning staff. Carpet color can even bleed out due to over cleaning. After a while, they look dull. When the carpet aesthetics is compromised often the carpet is replaced. When replacing carpet the carpet and the under padding is removed. The under padding is often glued down which means before new carpet can be installed, the subfloor must be cleaned. Removing old carpet and installing new carpet can take time and incur additional cost. When carpets are old and wearing down, they should indeed be replaced. However, carpet that is still in good condition with years of wear left shouldn’t be replaced but instead restored.

Carpet Dyeing Makes Old Looking Carpet Look New

When carpet can be restored, one should take that option as it can save both time and money. It also removes the waste of replacing good carpet. Carpet with colors that are dull or have permanent stains can be restored to a new state. This is done with carpet dyeing and restoration services. Carpet color can be completely restored after fading. The carpet is first thoroughly cleaned, followed by a dyeing process. The carpet color is replicated and then reapplied over the entire carpet. However, another option is to alter the original color of the carpet to a newer color entirely. The Church leadership can choose to change the color of the carpet to a darker shade or color.

Bleach Spot Repair

Newer carpet that has blemishes and doesn’t require full color restoration can also be easily repaired. Using similar methods, stains and spots can be repaired with carpet dyes. One of the most frequently repaired spots are bleach spots as they are permanent. Bleach removes the color out of the carpet. To repair the spot, the dye needs to be simply added back into the carpet. Other types of blemishes, in most cases, can be removed through cleaning methods. Nevertheless, some stains can also be dyed over if they can’t or don’t fully lift out of the carpet.

Carpet Dye is Safe

Churches welcome families with kids, and Mom’s and Dad’s may worry if carpet dyeing is safe. Carpet dye is completely safe as the dyes are organic in nature and are non-toxic. The dye won’t rub off and transfer onto clothing once the dye is fully dry.

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Carpet dyeing and restoration can completely revive carpets without the need to replace them. Additionally, restoring carpets is done quickly and at far less than the cost of carpet replacement. When you need help restoring your carpets, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration!

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