Color Restoration for Carpets in Assisted Living Facilities in Lochearn, MD; Carpet Dyeing & More

Assisted living facilities that have dull or faded out carpets throughout the building will often consider having the carpets replaced. However, carpet replacements are expensive and are invasive. Replacing carpets can disturb all of the residents of the assisted living facility. Before you commit to carpet replacement there is another way to extend the life of the carpets and have fresh and new looking carpet as well. You can renew the carpet appearance and prevent the need to replace carpet with commercial carpet dyeing. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet color as well as its appearance can be restored and extend the life of the assisted living facility’s carpets.

Permanent Dye Resistant to Fading

When carpets begin to fade, either due to time, UV light damages, or improper carpet cleaning, they tend to look old and neglected. To maintain vibrant colored carpets inside the assisted living facility, the carpet can be dyed. When dyeing carpet it helps to remove the appearance of old stains and revive the carpet’s color. When dyeing the carpet, the process is much faster and far less invasive than carpet replacement. When dyeing the carpet, a team can come to the assisted living facility and dye the carpets in a timely fashion. To reduce the impact on the residents, areas of the assisted living facility can be dyed in sections. When the entire assisted living facility needs to be redyed it is best to break the task up as the carpet needs time to dry. However, applying the dye and blending the dye into the carpet can be done fairly quickly. Carpet dyeing is fast, affordable, and will renew the facility’s carpets.

Bleach Spots Can Be Removed from Carpet

At the same time, carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet in many other ways such as repairing bleach spots. Bleach spots are a common problem in assisted living facilities. As bleach and cleaners that contain bleach is used to sanitize the assisted living facility, bleach spots frequently occur. When a cleaner spills or contacts the carpet, a bleach spot will form. When bleach spots form they can be repaired. A carpet dye specialist repairs a bleach spot by restoring the dye in the carpet. Repairing a bleach spot can be completed within 30 minutes or more, depending on the size of the bleach spot. When the assisted living facility develops bleach spots on their carpets, the bleach spot can be quickly repaired.

Stubborn Carpet Stain Removal

Another way carpet dyeing services can help assisted living facilities is by removing stubborn stains. When a stain will not wash out and the owner of the assisted living facility needs the stain removed, a carpet dyeing specialist can remove the stain. They will remove even the most stubborn stains by bleaching the stain out. This will cause a bleach spot. However, the bleach spot will then be repaired.

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An assisted living facility owner often wants the best for their residents and even something as simple as beautiful and clean carpets helps. When an assisted living facility owner has carpet with stains, bleach spots or they need color restoration, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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