Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Funeral Homes in Concord, NH; Restoring Faded Carpeting & More

Carpets are found in homes and commercial buildings all over the world including funeral homes. Carpet is used for many reasons. Carpets help reduce noise, provide a softer walking surface and even help improve efficiency as an additional insulation within the building. In funeral homes you will see carpet in the chapel and in the viewing areas to help reduce noise and to keep the room a respectful place to say your final farewells. Maintaining clean carpet can be quite difficult and is a challenge for many who have commercial carpet in their buildings, including those found in funeral homes. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dye services can help maintain carpets and extend the life of the carpet.

Fading, High Foot Traffic & Over Cleaning of Carpet in Funeral Homes

Carpets in funerals homes are exposed to high foot traffic, which is one of the many causes that damage the carpet prematurely. Foot traffic damages carpet mostly by bringing in dirt and other exterior contaminants that get locked inside the carpet fibers. The dirt and other particles can rub away the carpet fibers and even cause the dye in the carpet to dull. This results in gray or brownish traffic patterns in the carpets. Carpet in funeral homes often have a problems with fading or bleeding colors which is the result of over carpet cleaning or improper carpet cleaning. Sometimes, when carpets are being cleaned, the water is too hot. This can cause carpets to bleed or lose their color. When carpets are cleaned improperly or too frequently, the carpet will look faded.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing & Color Change

Carpets inside funeral homes most often need to be re-dyed to restore the carpet color. Due to carpet fading from cleaning or high foot traffic, carpet needs to be recolored to reflect a new and maintained appearance. Funeral homes frequently request that their carpets be dyed. Carpets are first cleaned to remove any possible contaminants that can alter the dye and then a dye is used to revive the carpet’s color. In some cases, the funeral home wishes the color to be altered to change the overall appearance of the carpet. Carpets can be dyed another color. However, there are some limitations. The determining factor is the current color of the carpet. Carpet can usually only be dyed a darker color with a few exceptions.

Bleach Spot Removal

Another service in which carpet dyeing can be useful is bleach spot repairs. If carpet should become spotted with bleach, chlorine or other dye stripping chemicals, the spot is permanent. Once the dye has been stripped out, cleaning is never a solution. How bleach stain are removed is by dyeing over the stain. This is done by hand, applying and blending a small amount of dye at a time.

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Each funeral home has its own unique carpet care needs. However, with carpet dyeing service, carpet can be easily be restored. After carpets are cleaned and dyed, they look like new without the need to be replaced. Carpet replacement can easily triple the cost of what dyeing would cost. Dyes are non-toxic and non-transferable, meaning they won’t rub off. If you own or manage a funeral home and need your carpets restored, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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