Commercial Carpet Dyeing of Hotels in Chicago, IL for Color Change, Spot Repair & Restoration of Carpets

Hotels are often rated on the quality of care to their building and service. Guests will stay in their room for day or days, observing all of the room’s flaws. One of the hardest aspects of hotel maintenance is the carpets. Carpet often develops stains or loses its once vibrant color. Carpet in hotels often require specialty service from a carpet dyeing service. Carpet dyeing service can help restore and maintain beautiful carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how a carpet dye service assists hotel owners with carpet care.

Carpet Stain & Bleach Spot Removal

Carpets in hotels are no stranger to spills. They can develop some of the worst stains and spots possible that cannot be completely removed from the carpets with cleaning. In hotels you can find red wine stains, coffee stains, and even blood stains from minor cuts. One of the worst spills to occur on carpet is bleach spots. As many people well know bleach spots are permanent as it is the absence of pigment.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration

Hotel carpet will also fade and lose their bright colors. Fading can be due to a number of different elements. Some of the more common causes of carpet fading are due to improper carpet cleaning and prolonged UV exposure. When carpets in hotels develop stains or they become dull in color, many hotel owners will look for ways to correct this problem. There are two primary options, one is to replace the carpet or seek carpet dyeing and restoration services. Carpet dyeing service is one of the more beneficial options. Carpet stains and fading can be repaired with carpet dyeing services which is far cheaper and less invasive than carpet replacements. When dyeing the carpet, smaller sections can be dyed at a time preventing any interruption in the hotel profits.

Carpet Dyeing Process for Color Change & Restoration

Carpet that has lost its color and appears dull can be dyed using a number of different methods. Some methods include using a spray or a carpet dyeing machine. The carpet original dye formula is used to restore the carpet color. However, if the hotel wishes, the color of the carpet can also be changed. Carpet color can be changed any darker color, carpet can’t be dyed a lighter color as it would require intense bleaching, which in the end can damage the carpet pile. The carpet will appear darker in color as you will be dyeing over the existing dye. However, hotel owners don’t have to wait until the carpet appears completely dull. Carpet can be cleaned and dyed at the same time, which prevents carpet fading. Stubborn stains can also be easily repaired with carpet dyeing services. For more of the traditional stains such as drinks and food stains can be removed as well. These stains require a light bleaching agent to remove the stain’s pigment out of the carpet. The carpet dye technician will apply the carpet dye formula over the bleached spot to remove the stains appearance. Essentially, repairing bleach stains is very similar as in most cases the carpet dye needs to be applied over the bleach spot.

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