How Does Commercial Carpet Dyeing in Milwaukee, WI Work to Restore Faded & Discolored Carpets in Offices?

Many office buildings currently stand empty due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Many office workers are working from home until the pandemic weakens or comes to an end. As a result, a number of office building owners or managers are taking this opportunity to perform more invasive building maintenance. The entire building is being cleaned and maintained from top to bottom. To save money, managers or owners are looking at carpet dyeing services to help restore their building’s carpets. Carpet dyeing can help restore faded or dull carpet, as well as those that are stained and have bleach spots. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services are helping to restore the carpets in office buildings.

Office Carpet Fading Causes

Many offices have carpets all throughout the building as they help dampen noise which improves concentration as well as improves energy efficiency. In an office setting, carpets are exposed to a number of different staining substances and some of them can be permanent. Substances such as coffee, ink, or food from recreational areas often leave stains in offices. Bleach spots due to accidental spills is another frequent problem for office carpets. As a result, many office carpets often demand replacement when they lose their color and appear dull and old. However carpet color can be restored without the need for replacement. Dyeing carpet is an effective way to reclaim office carpet at a lower cost.

How Does Office Carpet Dyeing Work?

Carpets in office buildings can be re-dyed and during this time where many people are working from home, now is the perfect time to dye the carpets. To ensure quality service, it is recommended that the dyeing site be cleared of all furniture. Desks and office equipment should be removed temporarily. The carpet can then be re-dyed more effectively. A carpet company will send a crew to the office who will dye the carpets. At this time, the carpet can be either dyed the same color or can even be dyed a different color. Yes, the carpet in the office can be dyed a new color if the office building owner wishes. However, there are some limitations as the carpet can only be dyed a darker color and never lighter. The entire carpet area can have its color restored quickly and effectively.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

For office buildings that have carpets with stains and bleach spots, they too can be restored. A carpet dyeing service can remove stains that will not wash out. This is done by bleaching out all the color in the carpet. Then, with a blank slate, the technician simply puts the carpet dye color back into the carpet. Bleach spots also are repaired using this same method. If needed, the bleach spot may require more bleaching to remove all of the pigment out of the carpet. Then the technician will apply dye back into the affected spot. Both stains and bleach spots can easily be repaired.

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Carpet dyeing services can help save the owners of office buildings money by restoring the carpet versus replacing them. Since many offices are currently empty for the next few weeks, hurry and take this opportunity to restore your office building’s carpets. For quality carpet dyeing services and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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