Commercial Carpet Dyeing Services of Hotels in Cleveland, OH to Fix Color Loss, Discoloration, Fading & More

Carpets are used throughout hotels because of their many qualities. Carpets in hotels are often well cared for. The hotel staff works hard to vacuum and clean the building’s carpets. Due to the proper care of hotel carpets, they can last a very long time without the need to replacement them. Hotel owners use the highest quality carpet and with proper care, it ensures their longevity. However, carpet inside hotels are not immune to fading or discoloration. Carpet color can be altered and faded due to a number of different reasons. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share what can cause carpet to fade or become discolored and how carpet can be repaired.

Causes of Color Loss & Discoloration of Carpet

There are two major types of color loss: one is natural color loss the other is chemical color loss. Color loss due to chemical reactions are categorized as REDOX reactions and ionization. REDOX color loss is due to an exposure to sodium hydrosulfite or other similar oxidizers such as a peroxide. Ionization is an exposure to an acid such as hydrochloric or sulfuric acids. Ionization is mostly a problem for nylon carpet and doesn’t affect wool based carpets. In most cases chemical color loss occurs during carpet cleaning when the wrong cleaning agent was used on the carpets.

Does Carpet Fade in Sunlight?

Natural color loss mostly occurs due to constant exposure to sunlight. The UV rays from the sun causes an oxidation within the carpet. The sunlight can cause the dyes to break down and make them look lighter over time. UV damage can occur on carpet within 6 months if it is constantly exposed. Some other natural causes for color loss is the air. When air contains a lot of O3 and fumes created by nearby factories and vehicles, the air can cause oxidation in the carpet resulting in color loss.

Commercial Carpet Dyeing Services

When color fades or even becomes altered on carpet in hotels, this can have a negative impact on the hotel. Guests may feel like the hotel owners don’t care for the building or its rooms properly. To ensure the hotel maintains good ratings, repairing the carpet color becomes essential. Restoring carpet in hotels is simple enough. The hotel simply needs to contact carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing services specialize in restoring faded carpets. A carpet dyeing technician will first analyze the cause of the fading. It is common for carpet to require deep cleaning to remove any possible substances that is in the carpet that may interfere with the dyeing process. Next, the carpet dyeing technician will recreate the dye formula of the carpet’s original coloring. Depending on the size of the dyeing site, the carpet technician will either uses a sprayer to re-dye the carpet or will use a carpet dyeing machine. The carpets are then dyed and the color restored. Some carpet dyeing services provide ongoing carpet cleaning and dyeing services which help to maintain the hotel’s carpet, thus ensuring bright and clean carpets all the time.

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