Carpet Dyeing for Maids & Janitorial Services in Upper Darby, PA; Bleach Spot Repair, Color Restoration & More

Professional maid services and commercial janitorial cleaning companies have many clients ranging from home owners to business and institutions, all of which should provide a safe and comfortable environment for us to live and work in. Carpet are frequently used in nearly every building which requires routine vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Therefore, there comes a time when more carpet care services are needed. When carpet develops permanent stains, bleach spots, or the carpet has lost its once vibrant color, a carpet dyeing service can help. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration services will share how we help maintain clean and beautifully colored carpet for the clients of commercial cleaning companies.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement Solutions

Carpet is widely used to help reduce noise, help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and provide a safer non-slip flooring for occupants. Carpet demands regular vacuuming and cleaning to ensure a clean environment. When carpet loses its color, develops bleach spots or permanent stains, the owner or manager will either need to replace the carpet or find another solution. Carpet replacement is very invasive in any establishment and certainly poses a challenge. Additionally, carpet replacement can become costly. However, there is another option. Carpet dyeing services can restore faded, stained, or bleached out carpets. Due to the excellent care carpets receive from cleaning services, they are a perfect candidate for carpet dyeing. Dyeing carpets is far less invasive and cheaper than carpet replacements.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

When carpets have lost their color, you have an additional option: the carpet color can be restored. The carpet can be dyed the same color or if desired, a new color can be chosen. Carpet color can be changed, however, when changing the carpet color, the color can only go darker as the new dye will mix with the current dye color in the carpet which results in a darker hue. Carpet that has been dyed can also be regularly maintained with carpet dyeing services. Carpet can be cleaned and dyed at the same time. This service is designed to maintain the color in carpet as small amounts of dye is applied to the carpet as it is being cleaned. When dyeing the carpet, carpet dyeing services always use a non-toxic dye that will not rub off or transfer from the carpet. This is particularly handy for maids and janitors that do not steam clean carpets. Rather, just vacuum them.

Bleach Spot Removal

Another common service requested is bleach spot repair. Bleach is a common cleaner used to ensure sanitation. When bleach and other similar cleaners spill on the carpet, it will result in a bleach spot on the carpet. The bleach will remove pigments out of the carpet fibers, causing a pale white or yellow spot on the carpet. Carpet with bleach spots can be repaired with carpet dye. A carpet dye technician will match the color of the carpet and reapply it. Permanent stains can also be corrected through carpet dyeing services. When permanent stains cover the carpets, the stains will need to be removed with a bleaching agent which will remove the dye in the carpet as well. Once the stain has been removed, the dye will be put back in the carpet.

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