Commercial Carpet Dyeing to Restore Carpets in Daycare Centers & Schools in Duxbury, MA

Daycare centers and elementary schools often fill their rooms and play areas with carpet to provide a soft surface for the kids to sit and play on. Carpet also helps reduce noise. Since carpets are so widely used throughout these learning centers it comes as no surprise that they require carpet care services. Carpets inside daycare centers and schools undergo vigorous vacuuming and carpet cleaning which causes the carpet to fade much quicker. When learning establishments need help recovering their abused carpet they often ask many questions. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will help answer some of these common questions and share the many benefits of commercial carpet dyeing.

How Can Commercial Carpet Dyeing Services Help Restore Carpets?

When carpet in a daycare or school gets discolored due to high foot traffic, the color often needs to be restored. Carpets that are a solid color or even multicolored and patterned can be dyed. The carpets are first cleaned then dyed with small amounts of dye that is injected into the carpet. This revives the carpet’s color. After the carpet has been dyed the carpet looks like new.

Is the Cost of Carpet Dyeing Less than Replacement

Often when daycare carpet looks dirty or faded the daycare or school will replace the carpet to help maintain the facility’s appearance. Even if the carpets are cleaned they still can look dirty which can have a major effect on the business. Parents want to know their kids are in a clean and safe environment. By having the carpet dyed, the carpet looks fresh and new which puts the mind of the parents at ease. Carpet dyeing is much cheaper than replacing the carpet which also helps the learning center save money on carpet replacement.

Is the Carpet Dyeing Process Safe?

Often when it comes to daycare centers and schools the main concern is health and safety. Carpet dye services use a non-toxic permanent liquid dye. The dye dries fast and is non-toxic. Additionally, the dye is a no-rub formula which prevents the dye from transferring onto feet, hands or clothing. Simply put, carpet dyeing is completely safe and won’t harm the children or staff.

Can Carpet Stains & Spots Be Dyed?

Sometimes the entire carpet color is perfectly fine. However, there may be a few stains tainting the carpet’s appearance. There are a number of arts and craft projects as well as the use of heavy cleaning products that can lead to carpet staining including bleach spots. Spots can be locally dyed. A carpet dye specialist can come and dye the blemish, blending the spot with the rest of the carpet, thus removing the appearance. Bleach spots and other stains can be treated which helps maintain the school’s appearance and save them the cost of replacing the carpet.

Can You Dye the Carpet to Change the Color?

Sometimes a daycare or school will install carpet that over time proves to be difficult to maintain and keep clean. Often they wished they had installed a darker color to help hide stains and dirt. While some colors can help hide stains and all of the dirt kids naturally bring in, not all carpet color can be changed. All carpet can be completely dyed and the color changed. However, the color option varies and only can go darker. Ask for the carpet dye specialist to come and inspect the carpet’s condition and color, and consult as to what dye options are available.

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These are some of the most common questions schools ask about carpet dyeing services. If you run a daycare or school and need your carpet dyed or restored, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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