Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Faded & Discolored Carpets in Wellesley, MA Offices

Carpet in commercial settings often needs a lot more care than residential carpet due to the increased exposure. Carpet in commercial settings falls victim to high foot traffic, sunlight damages and their fair share of stains. Carpet in commercial settings fade, discolor, and get stained constantly including those found in office buildings. Did you know that office building carpet can be restored even after years of abuse through carpet dyeing services? Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services are extending the life of carpets in many commercial settings, including offices.

How Office Carpet Gets Faded & Discolored

Commercial settings, such as office buildings use carpet to help improve insulation and efficiency, as well as reduce noise to enhance concentration. However, carpet can appear worse for the wear before they have had enough time to actually age. Carpet often looks faded or dull, discolored and stained in office buildings even though they are only a few years old. Sunlight can fade carpets in odd patterns where the windows allow enough daylight to come through. Carpet can become faded and discolored from over cleaning or improper carpet cleaning if the wrong cleaning solutions are used or water was too hot. There are plenty of sources for stains, including accidental spills from cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine. However, with carpet dyeing services, carpet can be restored from color loss and staining. Below are listed the main carpet dyeing services that are used in restoring office carpets.

Life Expectancy of Commercial Wall to Wall Carpet Can Be Extended with Carpet Dyeing

Carpet dyeing is able to restore carpets by adding dye back into the carpet. Carpet is first cleaned and then the carpet is dyed to its original color. Carpet dyeing is accomplished with a few different methods. One method often used for solid colored carpet is carpet revival and carpet cleaning where the carpet is cleaned and dyed at the same time. Another method is when the dye is sprayed into the carpet and blended. Patterned carpet dyeing can be a little bit more difficult and time consuming. An air brush like tool is used to dye patterns in small sections at a time to revive the carpet color when it has multiple colors and patterns. Another option is to dye the carpet a different color. Using the same method for application, the carpet can be dyed a new or different color. There are some limitations to which color the carpet can be dyed. In most cases the carpet can be dyed a darker color. When the office is changing its look, the carpet doesn’t need to be replaced, but simply recolored to match the new logo and branding.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

Carpet in offices are no stranger to stains, including bleach spots and permanent blemishes caused by dye contamination. Some spots will alter the dye either by stripping the dye out of the carpet such as bleach or chlorine spills, or color or dye contamination can come from inks, drink and some food that contain food dyes. These can cause stains permanently. To restore carpets with spots and stains, a carpet dye specialist can dye over the stain, thereby removing the stain appearance completely. The site is thoroughly cleaned and then dyed over to match the spot with the rest of the carpet.

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Carpet dye service are helping a number of commercial settings, including offices, restore their carpets and extend the life of the carpet. Extend the life of the carpet helps save the cost of replacing the carpet. For professional carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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