Crayons, Dye Pens & Other Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Removal Mistakes to Avoid in Bethesda, MD

Carpet dyeing is used to help restore carpet in a number of ways. Permanent stains, including bleach spots, can be repaired and even total carpet dyeing can restore or change the color of the carpet. Carpet dyeing and restoration services have been used to restore and extend the life of the carpet. However, many people will either attempt to restore their own carpet with DIY methods found on the internet or use improper dyeing methods. Many methods of carpet dyeing can lead to disaster. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how to avoid ruining your carpet and why you should not attempt DIY carpet dyeing methods.

Vinegar Can’t Restore Color to Carpet

First carpet can become faded or discolored due to improper carpet cleaning methods, over cleaning and prolonged UV exposure. Stains can occur from substance exposure that has strong pigmentation and bleach or chlorine which causes color loss in the carpets. It is important to know that you can’t restore color. There are many misconceptions on the internet that claim vinegar can restore the carpet’s color. When the color fades it is because the dye is not in the carpet. The only way to restore the carpet’s color is to add dye back into the carpet fibers.

Carpet Crayons, Dye Pens & Other Products to Avoid

There many internet tips on how to dye your carpet or repair bleach spots. Many of these methods may include the use of crayons, markers or sharpies, ink, hair dyes, and even coffee grounds or teabags. Results from using any of these DIY repair methods are often trouble and sometimes irreversible. Not one of these DIY methods can actually match the color of the carpet. Additionally, some of these methods won’t last. Hair dye doesn’t interact with carpet fibers the same way as it does in hair. Where the dyes used are similar, often the hair dye will dye the carpet darker and can’t be removed. Crayons are colored wax. The wax will cover the carpet fibers but don’t penetrate into the fiber. This results in a temporary fix with poor results.

Carpet Dye Kits Rarely Match Color of Carpets

When it comes to repairing bleach stains, often people will buy carpet dyeing kits. Where this is probably one of the best methods to use to repair bleach stains, often the results aren’t what people expect. Dyeing carpet isn’t as easy as many people assume. When carpet was first manufactured as a flooring material, colors were limited and most dye kits are made for this limited color selection. Even today you may find dye kits for a certain color. However, each manufacturer has their own slight variation of the color. The color red, gray or tan used by one manufacturer will be different from another manufacturer. If you buy a red, gray or tan color dye kit, it will most likely not match your color of carpet perfectly.

DIY VS Professional Carpet Dyeing

A carpet dye specialist doesn’t come with kits but instead a collection of permanent liquid dye and the understanding of how to create the right formula to match the dye with your carpet’s color. The dyes used are also designed to react with the carpet fiber and help restore the carpet color properly. It is important to seek professional carpet dyeing services to ensure the carpet is properly restored.

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