High Traffic Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration in Hotel Rooms, Lobby & Corridors in Washington D.C.

When you go to a hotel you will see the rooms, hallways and lobby covered with carpets. Carpets are widely used for many reasons. They provide a soft surface to help muffle the sound of footsteps and they reduce the volume of occupants in the next hotel room or walking through the corridors. With a frequent turnover of hotel guests comes a lot of foot traffic patterns and wear on the carpet which leads to overcleaning that causes fading and often bleach spots from accidental spills of cleaning supplies. Hotels often require a need to replace carpet frequently in order to maintain a clean and orderly appearance. However with carpet dyeing services, carpets don’t need to be replaced. Instead they can be restored. Dye Pro Carpet Dye & Restoration will share how carpet dye services are helping prolonging the life and appearance of commercial hotel carpets.

High Traffic Carpet Wear in Hotels

Carpets in hotel lobbies, corridors and rooms undergo a lot of abuse which require the carpet to be vacuumed daily and cleaned more frequently. As a result, the carpets lose their color more quickly. Carpet in hotels also develop stains, some of which can permanently mar the carpets. When carpets in hotels become stained, look faded, and look dirty, the hotel often replaces the carpets. However, carpets don’t need to be replaced but instead restored.

Carpet Dyeing Process

Carpet dyeing services can restore carpet that is stained, faded, and even scarred with foot traffic patterns. The carpet dyeing process is the same for the majority of carpet dyeing services, such as carpet color restoration, carpet redyeing or recoloring, and carpet stain repair. Carpets must always be cleaned first. However, some methods clean and dye the carpet at the same time. Other methods require the carpet to be cleaned and then dyed, often using a large sprayer akin to a pressure cleaner to apply the dye. For carpets with patterns or those that have multiple colors often use a small hand air tool. In this case, small sections of the carpet is dyed at a time. Carpet with patterns often take longer since the dye must be done in small sections and with precision. After the carpet has been dyed, the dye will dry quickly. The dye will not rub off and is non-transferable once the dye is dry. The dye is also non-toxic and made of natural materials.

Carpet Color Change

When a hotel wishes to dye or color their carpet to change the identity or theme of the hotel, it is important to know there are a few limitations when recoloring the carpet. Essentially you are adding dye to the existing dye in the original carpet. When changing the color, a darker color must be chosen. The darker the original color of the carpet, the less color options are available. However, the lighter the carpet the more color options are possible.

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Redyeing the carpet restores it. The carpets are clean and vibrant. Carpet dyeing can help prolong the life of the carpet and even help save the hotel time and money. For those who manage or own a hotel and your carpet needs a little or a lot of color restoration, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dye & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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