Hire a Carpet Dyeing Company in Stafford, VA to Avoid Replacement & DIY Dye Crocking & Uneven Color

The floors in your home are usually the first thing that people will notice. It’s the largest surface in your home and you’re always in contact with it. Your carpet is under scrutiny whenever guests come into your home and potential buyers will definitely take the condition of it into consideration when they’re thinking about buying your home. If your carpet looks less than stellar it will reflect poorly on the rest of your house, not to mention your reputation as far as housekeeping goes. Carpets get faded, discolored and stained or you may just be getting tired with the color of it. The solution to these issues can be to dye them. Carpet dyeing can be the affordable answer to restore your plush flooring and save you money.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

What should you consider when you’re thinking about carpet dyeing? If the carpet is of high-quality and is less than 10 years old, it’s not economical to replace it. The carpet may be close to brand new but for some reason just looks older than it is. There are times carpet just looks bad but it is too soon to have it replaced. This can happen if you have pets running through the house or toddlers that are potty training, kids running around with Kool-Aid or the carpet could have been faded by the sun.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing to Match or Compliment

When you dye the carpets in your home a new color will be applied to the fibers to cover up blemishes and either match or darken the existing color of the carpet; or be a whole new color. This is an easy way to make your carpet look great again and won’t cost very much. The average cost of carpet dyeing is only a fraction of what it would cost to replace it. That doesn’t mean that it’s the right answer for every carpet. You may have carpet that won’t last more than a year or two even if you dye it and there are situations when carpet can be stretched or a cut-and-plug repair can take care of isolated stains. It’s best to contact professionals to go over all the options available to you before you make a final decision.

DIY VS Hiring Professional, Trained Carpet Dyeing Technicians

Carpet dyeing isn’t like painting a wall; it’s not possible to just cover up imperfections. It definitely isn’t a DIY job. Some common DIY carpet dyeing problems include uneven color and crocking, which is when the dye rubs off. The professionals that dye carpet are trained in color coordination. This is one of the projects in your home that you don’t want to show off. You want it to look natural and blend in like it wasn’t done. For this result you need to hire experienced professionals. The only stains that can be totally white are those caused by bleach. Most stains are usually a pinkish hue because they have been affected to sun-fade or spills. This is why specific knowledge and lots of training are needed to get the stain blended in with the rest of the carpet and the stain may also have to be offset with a counteracting color. When it comes to re-coloring, dyes need to be compensated by using dyes of opposite shades depending on the color your carpet was and the color you want it to be.

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