How Does Professional RV Carpet Dyeing Work to Restore Motorhome Carpets in Indianapolis, IN?

There are many RV dealerships that will sell used RVs, as well as many RV owners that find themselves in need of repairing the vehicle’s carpets. Whether you are a commercial seller or an owner of a recreational vehicle, maintaining clean carpet can be very difficult. Carpet in recreational vehicles are exposed to a number of elements that can leave the carpets dirty, faded and with a lot of stains. For some, replacing the carpet is the only answer. However, many have discovered carpet dyeing services. Carpet dye can help renew carpet in an RV in many ways. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet can be restored rather than replaced in an RV.

Restoring Faded & Discolored RV Carpet

When restoring carpets in recreational vehicles, it is uncommon to fine carpet faded, or stained. Soiling is a major issue in an RV because of the small passageway that creates regular fool traffic patterns in much of the carpet. This cause carpet to develop gray or brownish streaks in the carpet. The next major problem in an RV is stains. Spills often occur in the dining or lounge areas of the RV. Sometimes the wrong cleaner was used that contained bleach or chlorine and they left behind a permanent bleach spot in the carpet. Other contaminates can leave behind stubborn stains in the carpet such as ink, food coloring and other similar substances.

How Does Professional RV Carpet Dyeing Work?

Carpet dyeing services can restore carpet in an RV in a few different ways. First, carpets are always thoroughly cleaned to ensure there are no contaminants in the carpet that will interfere or compromise the dyes that will be applied to the carpet. Once the carpet is cleaned the carpet is then dyed. The carpet can be dyed to its original color or a darker shade. Another option is to choose a totally different color for the carpet which is very popular in RVs. Manufacturers will often install light colored carpet in RVs to make the inside look bigger and cleaner to entice buyers. However, it doesn’t take the RV owners long to discover how difficult it can be to maintain light colored carpets in an RV. Due to the constant struggle, many RV owners will change the color of the carpet to a darker color to help keep the carpet looking cleaner. Darker colors reduce the appearance of stains and soiling which is prone to occur in an RV. Stains are another common problem in RVs. Bleach spots from improper cleaner often occurs as well as stains from other substances. Stains can also be corrected with dyeing services. A dye specialist can apply a dye mixture over the stain, repairing permanent stains.

RV Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Carpet can be restored with carpet dye services. RV carpets can be expensive to replace. Even though the carpet space may be small, it requires a very specific cutout in order for the carpet to be refitted in an RV. Additionally seats and other feature often need to be remove and reinstalled when carpet is replaced. The cost of labor is expensive. Instead, restore the carpet with carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing is a fast and affordable option.

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