Marine Spray Carpet Dyeing for Restoring Sun Faded Boat & Yacht Interiors in Detroit, MI

When investing in a boat or yacht it is important to be prepared for all aspects of maintenance and care both outside and inside. Yachts and boats are often used for personal use and even for business. Many businesses use boats for tours, fishing, and diving experiences. Whether you rely on your boat for business or for pleasure, you will want to ensure the vessel’s longevity. One aspect of boat maintenance that many struggle with is carpet care. Maintaining clean and fresh looking carpet may seem impossible. However, this is not the case with carpet dye and restoration services. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we are able to maintain boat or yacht carpets and keep them looking new!

Restoring Sun Damaged Boat Carpet

Boats, yachts, and other luxury vessels often use carpet within the cabin and lounge to add basic comfort. Carpet that is used in boats, yachts and other vessels often requires frequent cleaning and not all due to stains. Often carpets are cleaned because of odors. Vessels exposed to salt water are prone to develop nasty odors in the carpet because of all of the bacteria in salt water air. Many boat owners will have the carpet cleaned way too often for this reason. This causes the carpet to look faded and look worn down. Stains are also no stranger, even on boats. Carpets can develop bleach spots or stains from spills that may never be removed.

Hiring Marine Carpet Dye Contractors

Carpet dye can help restore carpets in boats and yachts in many ways. Let’s start with stains. Some blemishes can’t be removed, such as bleach spots, which actually remove dye from the carpet. To repair such spots, the carpet dye specialist can apply dye over the stain, adding color to the carpet. This removes the spot’s appearance. Another service to help restore carpet is to dye the carpet as its color begins to fade. When carpets fade and lose color, they look old. Carpet color can be revived with carpet dyeing. The carpet is always first cleaned to ensure the dye bonds to the carpet fibers without interference. Next the carpet’s original color dye is recreated and applied, which restores the carpet color. Another option is to alter the carpet color. Carpets can be dyed a totally new color. Although the carpet can be dyed a new color, in most cases a darker color is required. Essentially the lighter the current color the more color options are available. Changing the carpet color uses the same process as renewing the color and does not differ in service. After the carpet has been dyed, the carpet only needs to dry and the boat or yacht has fresh clean, new looking carpets.

Benefits of Spray Carpet Dyeing

There are many benefits of using a carpet dyeing service. Dyeing the carpet in a boat or vessel can be done quickly, while replacing carpet in a boat can take weeks. Additionally, dyeing carpet is much more cost effective and is far less expensive than replacing carpets. Dyeing carpet is fast and safe and can restore the beauty within the boat.

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