How to Dye & Get Rid of Bleach Spots on Carpet in Wheaton, MD; Carpet Dyeing Bleach Spot Repair Restoration

Many homeowner and business owners work hard to maintain the carpets inside their buildings. When stains occur, they will get the carpet cleaned quickly. In addition, the carpet undergoes regular deep cleanings as well. However, when bleach spots occur, there is not much that they can do. As many people well know, bleach spots cannot be simply washed out. However, the good news is that bleach spots can be repaired. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how bleach spots are repaired and how to get the best results.

DIY VS Professional Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach spots can be repaired, and as a homeowner or business owner, you can have a number of options to choose from. There are many DIY bleach spot repair methods. However, they can never promise perfect repairs. Another option and one that can promise perfect bleach spot repairs is using a professional carpet dye and bleach spot repair service. A professional bleach spot repair service can give you perfect results as they take all of the needed steps to repair the bleach spots.

How a Carpet Dye Contractor Removes Bleach Spots

When repairing bleach spots there are a number of steps involved and each bleach spot is somewhat unique. Because of this, a professional bleach spot repair technician will need to evaluate the bleach spot. Each bleach spot will have varying levels of bleaching. The bleaching levels are determined by how much pigment is left in the carpet. When it comes to complete bleaching, there will be no pigment left in the carpet. In mild levels of bleaching, some pigment can remain. At the same time, the pigment is often distorted. If there is any pigment in the carpet, then the site will need to be bleached out completely. If this is the case, the site will be bleached out first. Once the site has been bleached out, the next step is to clean out the site. It is important that the bleach spot site is free of dirt and chemicals that may prevent proper color correction.

Perfect Carpet Dye Color Match

With the bleach spot site cleaned, it can now be dyed. To accurately recover the color of the carpet, the dye is made on site. Many people assume that there is a catalog of dyes that can be used to repair the carpets. However, this is not the case. Each carpet manufacturer uses their own dye formula to color their carpets. These dyes are not open to the public, and not even to carpet repair services. This mean a professional carpet dye technician will need to create the dye on site. They do this by mixing the right dyes and portions together to create an accurate dye formula that matches the rest of the carpet. With the perfect mixture of dyes created, the dyes are applied in small amounts at a time until the color matches perfectly with the rest of the carpet.

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When bleach spots develop on your carpet, it is best to seek out professional carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair services. We know all of the steps to properly restore the bleach spots on the carpet and make sure the repairs match perfectly. For accurate bleach spot repairs, carpet dyeing, and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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