How to Fix Discolored Bleach Spots on Carpet in Riva, MD; Bleaching, Neutralizing & Dyeing Carpets

When a commercial building or a home’s carpet develops bleach spots, most often they can be repaired. There are many methods to repairing bleach spots on carpets. However, to ensure great results, the bleach spots must be repaired correctly. There are many steps a professional carpet dye technician will take to repair bleach spots. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share the essentials of proper bleach repair and why it is always best to seek professional bleach spot repair services.

Bleaching Carpet

For perfect bleach spot repairs it is essential that each step is taken and is done right. When repairing bleach spots, most people will focus on restoring the lost color of the carpet. However, there is much more than applying dye to bleach spots. One essential step that often gets skipped is bleaching. At times bleach spots are not completely bleached out. Some bleach spots have some pigmentation still in the carpet. For proper restoration, bleach spots with pigment will need to be bleached out to remove all of the color. This makes repairs far easier. If bleaching is needed a professional carpet dye technician will know.

How to Neutralize Bleach Spots on Carpet

Whether or not more bleaching is needed, another commonly skipped step of bleach spot repair is cleaning the bleach spot. Bleach spots need to be cleaned not only to remove dirty particles and other common carpet contaminants, but also to remove the bleach. Bleach can remain active in carpet, meaning you can add dye over the bleach spot but the bleach will prevent the carpet from being colored. The bleaching agent in the carpet will need to be neutralized. After cleaning the bleach spot, a bleach neutralizer is used to remove the bleaching agent in the carpet. It is essential that the site is cleaned and a neutralizer is used to ensure the repairs are a success.

Dyeing Bleach Spots on Carpet with Dye Pen

With the bleach spot having been properly prepped, now it is ready to be dyed. A carpet dye technician will first mix the three primary colors red, blue, and yellow together to create a dye mixture that matches the color of the carpet. The dye is then applied using a dropper, air brush tool, and more commonly, with a syringe. The dye is slowly applied and rubbed gently into the carpet to ensure all of the carpet fiber soaks in the dyes. When applying the dye it is essential that not too much or too little dye is applied at a time. Too much dye may result in too dark of a color and too little the repair site will look lighter than the rest of the carpet. When repairing bleach spots it is important to know how much dye to apply on the bleach spot at a time to ensure the bleach repair matches the rest of the carpet.

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When repairing bleach spots it is strongly encouraged to seek professional bleach spot repair services. A professional knows the essentials of bleach spot repair and will never skip a step. For quality bleach spot repair, specialty stain removal, carpet dyeing services and more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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