Commercial Carpet Dyeing Restoration of Solid & Patterned Carpets in Office Buildings in Edgewater, MD

Office buildings frequently have carpet down their many halls and in the individual office spaces to help dampen noise and enhance concentration. Carpet is a great flooring that can last for years with proper care. However, even with proper maintenance and cleaning, carpet can lose their coloring and fade. Time can cause carpet to fade along with improper cleaning or even due to constant UV exposure. As carpet fades, often the office building carpet looks old or neglected. When this occurs, carpet often needs to be replaced or restored. Restoring carpet in an office building is one of the fastest and more affordable options. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share why carpet restoration through carpet dyeing can help improve and extend the life of office carpets.

Fading of Office Carpet

Carpets in office buildings are not overly abused and are often vacuumed and deep cleaned properly, which makes them a great candidate for carpet dyeing. Fading carpet can easily be restored by reviving the carpet’s color. Nylon or wool carpets are dyed at the end of manufacturing with natural based dyes. Unlike synthetic carpets that are made with a pre-colored material. As a result, synthetic based carpet cannot be restored or redyed. Nylon or wool carpet can lose their color over time, and when they do, they can be redyed restoring their color. When an office building carpet fades it is time to seek professional carpet dyeing services.

Carpet Cleaning Before Dyeing

Dyeing carpet in office building is typically done rather quickly and can be scheduled during off hours of operation. This means carpet can be restored without interfering with the office’s productivity. When restoring carpets that have faded, at times the carpet may require some cleaning first. Cleaning will depend on the current state of the carpet such as stains, dirt, or other contaminates found in the carpet. After carpets are cleaned they then can be dyed.

Carpet Dyeing Methods for Solid & Patterned Carpets

Dyeing carpets, depending if they are solid in color or have multiple colors and patterns, will determine how long and what methods are used to dye the carpets. For those with patterns or those with many colors, often tend to take longer as small sections are recolored at a time with the aid of a small hand held dyeing tool. Solid colored carpets are much faster and easier to dye as a large sprayer is used to mask the carpet with dye and then a carpet raking tool is used to work and blend the dye into the carpet.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

However, carpets can also undergo carpet cleaning and dyeing. Instead of waiting for carpet to be completely faded, an office building manager can have the carpet cleaned and dyed at the same time. To maintain carpet color and to keep them clean, cleaning and dyeing the carpet is a simple concept. Another consideration when carpet color needs to be restored is that not only can you renew the color by dyeing the carpet, but you can also change the carpet color. Carpet color change is fairly popular in office buildings. If you change the color of the carpets, it will result in a darker color of your choice. Darker colors help hide stains and dirt in the carpet, prolonging the need for too frequent carpet cleanings that can cause fading or damages to the carpet.

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There are many benefits for an office building manager to seek commercial carpet dyeing. If you need to restore your office building’s carpet and need professional carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today!

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