How to Get Old Bleach Spots Out of Hotel Carpet in Wheaton, MD; Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Bleach spots are a major terror for carpet owners, especially hotel management, as these blemishes will permanently remain in the carpet. When bleach spots form on carpet, they cannot be treated with stain removal methods. However, they can be repaired. Repairing bleach spots is needed in both residential carpets and commercial settings such as hotels. As bleach spots can and do happen, simply seek out a professional bleach repair service. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share more about bleach spot repair and its benefits.

Does Bleach Weaken Color of Carpet?

Bleach spots occur when a bleaching agent breaks down the dye compound causing the color to dissipate. When a cleaning chemical that contains a bleaching agent is either accidentally spilled or used on the carpet, it will cause bleach spots. There are various levels of bleach spots. When there is no color left in the carpet and there is only a whitish spot on the carpet, severe bleaching occurred. Minor levels of bleaching will not cause all of the color to fade from the carpet. Some pigment can remain and cause a slight or major discoloration. Depending on the level of bleaching, the repair for the bleach spot can vary.

Carpet Color Restoration of Bleach Spots

When repairing a bleach spot, a professional service is highly recommended for a number of reasons. To properly repair a bleach spot, a professional will assess the level of bleaching that occurred. They will see if further bleaching is needed. If any color remains in the carpet, it can be difficult to accurately match the color of the carpet when dyeing it. A professional will know if more bleaching will be needed or if the bleach spot can be dyed. When dyeing a bleach spot, a professional recreates the dye mixture on site. You can find many bleach spot repair kits that comes with various dye colors. However, it will not match your carpet. There are many brands of carpets and each manufacture uses their own dye mixture, even for the same color. Much like a car, a Toyota red is not the same as a Chevy red. When buying a repair kit, even if you get the same color dye, it will not match. A professional will be able to recreate the dye formula to ensure the repairs match exactly with the rest of the carpet. Only a professional can guarantee that the repairs match with the rest of the carpet. A professional will know all of the steps of repairing bleach spots which means the job will get done efficiently as well as timely. Bleach spot repair can sometimes be completed within 30 minutes. However, it can take longer depending on the size and number of bleach spots that will need repair.

Importance of Bleach Spot Treatment

Bleach spot repair can help reclaim and improve the carpet’s appearance. Bleach spot repair is also fast and affordable. For a commercial setting such as in a hotel, the carpet’s condition is essential to maintain a professional appearance. Bleach spots can make customers, clients or hotel guests feel like the building isn’t taken care of and feel the service or products are the same. To ensure profits, bleach spots need to be repaired in a timely fashion.

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