Professional Bleach Spot Repair in Aspen Hill, MD Hotels; Pros of Hiring a Carpet Dyeing Contractor

When bleach spots occur, often the homeowner or commercial property owners will look for shortcuts to repair the bleach spot. There are a lot of DIY bleach repair options that you can find online and many have tried them. However, the question is, how do they compare to a professional bleach repair technician? The benefit of a professional carpet dye service is that they can promise results. For hotel owners and managers, and others who are trying to see what their options are, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share DIY versus professional bleach spot repair.

Can You Fix Discolored Bleach Spots?

When carpet develops bleach spots, you will need to repair them by putting dye back into the carpet. When seeking out options to repair bleach spots, you will find a number of DIY methods. As a professional, we will strongly discourage, if not rule out completely, any crazy methods that involve the use of ink for pens or crayons. These methods do not work right at all. The only DIY method that any professional will recommend is the bleach repair kit you can buy online. These kits come with actual carpet dyes and general dye colors that come close to matching your carpet. However, even with a bleach repair kit you will never perfectly match your carpet’s dye. One of the biggest downfalls of DIY bleach spot repair is matching the color of the carpet. When buying a kit, it is impossible. Bleach spot repair kits come with general dye colors, but never offer the factory dyes. Each manufacture has their own dye formula which cannot be bought. Some DIY bleach spot repair kits may come close. Nevertheless, you will always have at least a slight discoloration of where the bleach spot is.

Bleach Neutralizer & Carpet Dyeing

When considering hiring a professional service you are guaranteed results. How does a professional bleach spot repair technician match the color of the carpet? A professional service recreates the dye formula themselves. With a lot of training, a professional knows how to recreate dye formulas to match your carpet’s color. With a professional, the bleach spot repair will look perfect. One of the major concerns with a professional service is how long it will take to repair the bleach spot, especially for those who own a business and need repair. A bleach spot can be fully repaired by a professional within 30 minutes and up to 4 hours. It truly depends on the size and number of bleach spots that need to be repaired. However, a professional knows the steps of bleach spot repair by heart and is past all of the learning curves. Basically, a professional can repair a bleach spot faster than a DIY. You will find that a professional bleach spot repair service is far superior to any DIY method. You are guaranteed results in a timely fashion. A professional bleach spot repair service is very affordable and is well worth the investment. To save yourselves the headache of trying to figure out bleach spot repair yourself, simply contact a professional.

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