How to Remove Bleach Spots from COVID-19 Cleaning Products in Millersville, MD; Carpet Dyeing & More

Bleach spots seem to be occurring much more often this past year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial or public buildings are undergoing strict cleaning and sanitizing. Sanitizing happens daily and often multiple times a day to help fight against this contagious virus. To kill the virus, sanitizers are used that contain bleach, or even bleach is used directly. As a result, a number of spills or drips happen on the surrounding carpet leave behind bleach spots. As carpet often becomes sprinkled with bleach spots, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how bleach spots can be repaired and the carpet restored.

Neutralizing Bleach Spots

As many well know, bleach has a negative effect on carpets. Bleach can break down and dissipate the color of the carpet. During this past year, bleach or a bleach based sanitizer has been used more than ever to help keep our commercial buildings clean and free of viruses. However, spills occur, dotting carpets with permanent bleach spots. When bleach affects the carpet and the color is lost, it can be repaired by adding the color back into the carpet with bleach spot repairs. When repairing bleach spots, the site must be cleaned and the bleach neutralized. Bleach can remain active in carpets long after the spill occurred. Bleach that has not been properly neutralized will prevent repairs. A professional carpet dyeing technician will also clean the site thoroughly, removing all dirt and contaminates away from the site. Afterward, they will apply the bleach neutralizer. Once the site has been prepped the carpet can now be dyed.

Professional Carpet Dyeing for Bleach Spots

When the carpet has bleach spots, the primary step in repairing the bleached section is dyeing the affected areas. When dyeing the carpet one of the most difficult tasks is making the dye formula match the rest of the carpet. A carpet dye technician will mix the three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow in the proper quantities to create the perfect color. Many people will ask why the dye are mixed on site? You may find carpet dye colors that are premixed and promise to be a certain color. However, they never perfectly match the color of the carpet. This is because manufactures do not sell their dyes, which is unique to their products. As a result, the dyes must be made on site to ensure they match. When the dye is applied, depending on the size of the bleach spot, application methods can vary. Most common methods involve using either a syringe or a dropper. In some cases, an air brush tool is used as well. Making sure the dyes blend into the carpet can also be challenging. Too much dye and the repair will look too dark, too little dye and the repair will look lighter. However, a professional carpet dye technician knows how much dye to apply to ensure the repairs look great.

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As this appears to be the year for bleach spots, if you need quality bleach spot repair, or other carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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