How to Fix Discolored Carpet in Mayo, MD; Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration to Fix Bleach Spots on Carpets & More

A number of owners of commercial buildings will use carpets in their lobbies, throughout their halls, offices, and rooms. Carpet is a common flooring as they help to dampen noise, improve the buildings aesthetics, and more. Even though carpet tends to be well maintained, they often lose their vibrant color and will fade. Fading in carpet can occur for many reasons, some of which could have been prevented. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to cover some of the common reasons why carpet colors will fade and the solution for faded carpets.

Common Causes of Discolored Carpet

Carpet, when manufactured, is dyed at the end of the process. The dyes used are usually natural based. Dyes can last a long time. However, they can break down and fade, depending on any chemical or natural elements. Carpets that are exposed to a lot of sunlight that will cause the dyes to fade. Offices or other buildings with lots of windows should tint or cover the windows to prevent premature fading of the carpet. Another common cause of carpet fading is improper carpet cleaning. The dyes in carpet can be affected due to improper cleaning solvents or even high pH levels in the water used to clean the carpets. Carpet can even fade in dryer climates, simply due to oxidation. Both wool and nylon based carpets are prone to fading given the presence of the right elements.

How to Bring Color Back to Carpet

When carpets do fade, many commercial property owners may believe that it is simply time to replace the carpets. It is assumed that carpets lose their color over time and faded carpets show the age of the carpet. However, if the carpet has been well maintained and is still in great condition, why replace them? Carpets that have only faded can easily be restored. Since the dye in the color has been broken down, the solution is simple. Give the carpet a fresh application of dye. Carpet can be dyed and the new dye can revive the carpet and restore its beautiful coloring. When dyeing carpet, the carpet can be dyed its original color. However, at times change is demanded. If the color of the carpet needs to be changed, it can be dyed a new color. When changing the color of the carpet, the new color will be darker than the original. This is because new dye will be applied over the old, resulting in a darker color. When carpets have faded, the color can be quickly revived and the carpet restored. However, fading can also be prevented by dyeing the carpet every few months. Some carpet dyeing services provide carpet cleaning and dyeing. This is a process where the carpets are cleaned and dyed at the same time.

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With carpet dyeing you can avoid costly, invasive, and time consuming carpet replacements. Carpet dyeing can restore the aesthetics and extend the life of the carpet. For commercial settings with faded carpet, seek out professional carpet dyeing services and you will be amazed at the results. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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