Professional Bleach Spot Repair on Carpets in North Bethesda, MD; Perfect Color Match Carpet Dyeing Restoration

Bleach spots are a common problem that many people will encounter. Natural wool fiber blend carpets are dyed after manufacturing. Carpet dyes can be broken down by a number of different bleaching agents such as cleaning chemicals. When bleach spots occur you may be looking for options that can repair bleach spots. For best results, it always pays to seek professional bleach spot repair. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share why professional bleach spot repair is the best way to go.

DIY Bleach Neutralizer VS Professional Carpet Dyeing Color Match

When bleach spots occur, especially in a commercial setting, you will want your carpet to look its best and desire to fix the problem. The carpet’s appearance can have a major effect on the rest of the commercial setting as well as your business. When bleach spots tarnish your carpet’s appearance, a professional bleach spot repair service can provide perfect repairs. One of the most challenging aspects to bleach spot repair is making sure the repairs match perfectly with the rest of the carpet. A professional bleach spot repair service can ensure that the bleach spot repairs match the rest of the carpet. A professional bleach spot repair always makes the dye formula on site. The reason why a professional will create the dye formula on site is because it is impossible to buy the perfect dye color to match the carpet. You may find a number of bleach spot repair kits with a number of different dyes promising to match your carpet. However, that is incorrect. Each manufacturer uses their own unique dye mixture that will change over time. The dye color you can buy isn’t guaranteed to match your carpet’s color. A professional carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair service has the training and ability to make the dye mixture that will match your carpet’s color.

How Carpet is Dyed

When applying the dye it is also important that the right amount is used. When repairing bleach spots you can use too much dye or too little dye and the bleach repair will look off. A professional will apply small amounts of dye at a time allowing the dye to soak into the fiber a little bit at a time to ensure the color matches. If applying the dye perfectly isn’t hard enough, it is very important to have the bleach spot properly prepped before dyeing the carpet. Some bleach spots will vary on how minor or severe the bleach effects are. In minor cases, often the bleach spot will need further bleaching to make sure the repair matches perfectly. Additionally, the bleach site will need to be cleaned to the point there are no particles or other contaminates in the carpet that will interfere with the dyes.

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Repairing a bleach spot may seem simple, however, it really is not. There are a number of steps as well as considerations that will determine the best approach to repairing a bleach spot. A professional can properly access and repair bleach spots so the bleach spot matches the rest of the carpet. When your home or business carpet has bleach spots and you need them repaired, call the professionals. For bleach spot repair and much more, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today!

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