What Causes Bleach Spots on Carpets in Columbia, MD; How Carpet Dye Contractors Restore a Perfect Color Match

Bleach spots are a permanent blemish that can be found on carpets anywhere. Both commercial and residential carpets can develop bleach spots when a bleaching chemical or other natural phenomenon comes in contact with the carpet. When bleach spots develop on the carpet, at times they may seem a bit of a mystery when they show up. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share some of the common causes of bleach spots and how they are repaired.

Causes of White, Yellow or Orange Bleach Spots on Carpet

The number one most common cause for a bleach spot is bleach. Bleach is a common household product that can kill mold, bacteria, germs, and viruses. Even though bleach is a great surface cleaner, it cannot be used on carpet or fabric without harmful results. Bleach can cause the dye compounds to break down and the color completely dissipates. Bleach and chlorine both have the same effect on carpet dye. Bleach and chlorine can be found in a number of other cleaning chemicals that are sometimes misused on the carpet. However, bleach spots can also be caused by other, more natural sources. Sunlight can cause the carpet to lighten up over time until there is no more pigment left in the carpet. At times sunlight will come through a small part of a window causing a small bleach spot. Another cause for bleach spot is urine stains. Some carpet can develop a bleach spot due to the ammonia in urine. As many pet owners well know, pets will have the tendency to potty in the same spot. Due to constant exposure to ammonia, it can result in a bleach spot. With the number of different bleaching elements out there, it comes as no surprise that bleach spots are a common problem.

How Carpet Dyeing Can Repair Bleach Spots

When bleach spots are discovered on carpets, it is reassuring to know that bleach spots can be repaired. Bleach spots can be repaired with professional carpet dyeing services. A bleach spot is not like a typical stain that can be washed out as the stain occurs when the dye in the carpet has been stripped out. To repair bleach spots you will need to restore the dye back into the carpet. A professional carpet dyeing service often provide bleach spot repairs where they can help you restore your carpets. Bleach spots, when repaired correctly, will match perfectly with the rest of the carpet. A professional carpet dye technician will come to the site and evaluate the bleach spot. Some bleach spots will need to be cleaned, bleached out completely, and then re-dyed. A professional carpet dye service can also accurately recreate the dye formula to ensure the bleach repair matches the rest of the carpet. A bleach spot, depending on its size and the number of bleach spot repairs needed, can be completed as fast as 30 minutes. With a professional carpet dye service, bleach spots are repaired quickly and accurately.

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