Professional Carpet Dyeing for Offices in Greenbelt, MD; Color Revival Cleaning, Bleach Spot Repair & More

Business offices host a number of employees, customers and clients which has an effect on the carpets. Carpets are widely used in office environments as they help to dampen noise, which in turn will enhance concentration, improve energy efficiency, and adds to the building’s aesthetics. For those who maintain carpets it is important to regularly vacuum them and schedule once or twice a year deep cleanings. However, that won’t always save the carpets. When carpets become stained or dull they often appear old and neglected, even if they are not. In many situations, carpets are replaced, leading to extended periods of closure and additional expenses. When carpets lose their color and develop distracting stains, carpet dyeing services can help restore your carpets versus replacing them. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share some of the most beneficial carpet dyeing services for offices.

Removal of Stains on Office Carpet

Office carpet will develop stains and some of those are rather permanent. Stains that originate from ink, coffee, and dirt are very common in the office. These stains may be lightened to a certain point but they are never completely removed from the carpet. These types of stains frequently call for specialty stain removal services. A carpet dye technician will bleach out the stain substance and repair the spot by dyeing the stained area back to its original color.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

Another blemish that occasionally occurs in offices is bleach spots. Bleach spots are easily repaired by an experienced carpet dye technician. They will simply match the original dye color and then dye the affected spot. Stains can be very distracting and ruin the office’s aesthetics. However, they can be quickly restored with a carpet dyeing service.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

When the color in the entire carpeted area has faded, they need whole room carpet dyeing. There are a number of elements that can cause carpet to fade. The two major categories are defined as natural and chemical. When carpets lose there color they look very old and neglected. However their color can be revived. A carpet dye service technician can come and dye the entire carpeted area, easily matching the right dye color of the original color of the carpet.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

For office owners who host customers and clients, it greatly benefits the atmosphere by maintaining fresh and new looking carpets. When carpet needs to be cleaned, have the carpet dyed at the same time. Color revival carpet cleaning cleans the carpet while injecting small amounts of dye into the carpet at the same time. This maintains the carpet color and with this ongoing service, carpet will forever look clean and vibrant.

Carpet Dyeing Color Change

Another benefit an office owner might want to consider is carpet dyeing color change. Carpet color can essentially be changed an entirely different color. However carpet can only be dyed a darker color. There are many benefits to choosing to go a darker color. Darker colored carpet can hide stains and go longer in between carpet cleaning.

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For those who manage or own offices and find you need help restoring the carpet versus investing in cost and timely carpet replacements, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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