Carpet Dyeing to Restore Discolored Carpets in Doctor’s Offices & Medical Healthcare Facilities in Bridgeport, CT

Medical facilities demand frequent cleaning to ensure a sterile environment. While much of the healthcare surfaces are easily cleaned and maintained, there are a few places within doctors offices and the like that use carpet. Carpet in medical environments are kept cleaned. However, at times their appearance may suggest otherwise. Carpets in hospitals are equally prone to stains and bleach spots as well as fading and discoloration. When carpets in medical facilities begins to look dull or stained, a carpet dyeing service can help restore hospital and make them look new. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services help restore carpet used in medical settings.

How Does Carpet Dyeing Work?

Healthcare floors consist of different types of materials and in some areas, carpet is used which often requires more than just vacuuming and cleaning. When carpet inside the doctor’s office or medical facility needs the color restored or stains removed, carpet dyeing services is the answer. Carpet may have lost its color due to UV damage or improper carpet cleaning. When carpets have lost the once vibrant color, the carpet dyeing service’s primary focus is to restore the carpet’s color. When restoring the carpet’s color, a technician will use a non-toxic, naturally made dye. Additionally, a carpet dye technician can determine the correct dye mixture to restore the carpet’s original color. This can be done with a sprayer similar to that of a pressure washer. Other methods of carpet dyeing can also involve a carpet cleaning and dyeing machine, which helps maintain carpet color. When a hospital wishes to change the color of their carpets, carpet dyeing service can also dye carpet any other darker color. When changing carpet color, they typically can only change the carpet to a darker color as lightening carpet can be difficult. However, darkening carpet has many benefits, one being hiding stains and other imperfections in the carpet.

Bleach Spot Repair

Another common carpet dyeing service provided in medical settings is spot and stain repair. Bleach and other similar cleaners are frequently used in hospitals as they can kill any bacteria, viruses, germs and pathogens. However, bleach and chemicals that contain similar substances can lead to numerous bleach spots on carpets. Fortunately, bleach spots are easily repaired by carpet dye technicians. The carpet dye service creates a matching dye formula and then applies it over the bleach spot. Stains such as ink, red wine and other odd stains that make their way into a healthcare setting can also be repaired. When restoring stains on carpet, carpet dyeing services will actually bleach out the stain and re-dye the spot with the proper color.

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Carpets in medical facilities are easily restored with carpet dyeing. Along with cleaner and more colorful carpets, hospital management will also save time and money avoiding expensive carpet replacements. Carpet dye is safe in a healthcare setting as well as the dyes are natural based and are non-toxic. Dye will not rub away or transfer onto shoes and clothing. When a doctor’s office finds they have stained and/or faded carpets, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We have experience in medical settings. We ensure safe as well as quality carpet dyeing services and more. Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and schedule our services today.

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