Replace or Dye Carpet in Fredericksburg, VA? How Hiring Carpet Dyeing Contractors Can Save You!

Carpets are one of the most common types of flooring used in homes. They provide a soft surface and add texture and color to a home. However, carpet can easily become stained, dirty, or fade with improper cleaning. Even new carpet can suffer from misuse. When carpets look dirty or become faded or discolored, it can make your entire home look and feel dirty. Another common problem with carpet is disapproval, meaning after buying carpet, and it has been installed, the homeowner realizes that they don’t like what they have chosen. In either one of these scenarios you may be considering replacing your carpet prematurely. Instead, consider having your carpet professionally cleaned and dyed. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will explain more about carpet dyeing.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacing

Good quality carpet that is less than 10 years old still has much to offer. However, pets, kids, or high traffic in homes can abuse good carpet which results in a poor appearance. Sometimes the sun coming through a window can discolor a carpet in a small section which also negatively reflects on your carpet’s appearance. When carpet is still in relatively good condition, but the surface needs some help, you have a few options. One is to replace your carpet, which if the carpet is still in good condition may seem like a waste. You can have the carpet professionally cleaned which can greatly help give your carpet new life. However some stubborn stains or faded areas can’t simply be cleaned to remove these blemishes. This is where carpet dyeing can help. Professional carpet care specialists can match most types and colors of carpet if you want to reclaim your carpet’s original color. If you’re unhappy with your carpet’s color or you’ve repainted your home and the carpet no longer fits your home theme, you can change the color of the carpet in many cases.

What You Need to Know about Carpet Dyeing Services

Before you make a decision about replacing your carpet you will first need to know more about carpet dyeing. First, dyeing carpet isn’t like painting where you can simply cover up your carpet’s imperfections. Nevertheless, a specialists can dye your carpet and make certain imperfections or stains invisible to the naked eye. Most stains are never perfectly white unless caused by bleach. If you wish to dye a small section of carpet to match the rest of your carpet’s color, it can be done. However bleach stains do pose their challenges. If you want to dye your entire carpet to a new color do know that you can only go darker. It is nearly impossible to evenly lighten carpet from a darker to a lighter shade. In most cases lighter colored carpets can go darker. Some additional concern is if carpet dyeing is safe. Professional carpet specialists that dye carpet only use environmentally safe products that will not harm pets or children. The dye dries fast as well. The dye cannot be removed after application, so make sure you choose the right color. Carpet dye won’t rub off or fade from carpet cleaning, which provides a long lasting color.

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If you’re considering dyeing your carpet to reclaim or change its color, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration. We specialize in carpet dyeing and cleaning and can dye your carpet is so desired. To schedule our services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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