How Do You Restore Color to Faded Sofa Fabric in Tulsa, OK? Couch & Carpet Dyeing, Cleaning & More

Our home’s furniture is a major investment. A nice furniture set can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. When investing in your home furniture it is natural to want to maintain and care for your furniture to extend the life of this major investment. When the furniture’s upholstery develops nasty stains, bleach spots, or needs a thorough cleaning, you might not know what to do to have the upholstery repaired. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how you can restore your upholstery fabric color and why you should never wait to have your upholstery cleaned and repaired.

Deep Cleaning of Upholstered Couches

Upholstery that looks dingy and dirty means that it is. Upholstery can be made of a variety of materials, many of which can absorb moisture, dirt and other particles. When upholstery looks dirty that means it is dirty but with what? Studies have shown upholstery to house not just dirt but bacteria, mold and even pests. Dust mites and other pests love dirty upholstery. The bacteria often comes from human sweat, spilled food, drinks and oil from pet’s dander. Often dirty upholstery will begin to smell due to the number of contaminants trapped inside the upholstery. When your upholstery begins to look gray or brown in color, you need a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning will remove the dirt trapped deep inside the upholstery. The upholstery will be cleaned and treated, removing mold, bacteria and pests. You should have your upholstery cleaned about every six months to ensure your upholstery stays clean and healthy.

Remove Toughest of Stains of Fabric Sofas

When a spill from drinks, food or other sources of stain occur, you should quickly clean it up. When upholstery develops stains, that is evidence of future bacteria and mold developing on your furniture. With bacteria and mold will come smell. However both can also lead to health problems. Skin and respiratory problems can be due to stains on your upholstery. If a stain occurred and you didn’t get to clean it right away, it can also be harder to remove. When you have stains you will want the upholstery deep cleaned. If some stains will not wash out, an upholstery repair service can remove the stain. They do this by bleaching the stain out of the fabric and then redyeing over the site, restoring your upholstery. For healthy, clean, and stain free upholstery find an upholstery cleaner and specialty stain removal service.

Repair Bleach Spots on Upholstery

When bleach spills on your upholstery, it will quickly strip out the color ruining your furniture. Bleach spots can be devastating to say the least. However, bleach spots can be repaired on upholstery. A specialist can repair bleach spots. But you will want to restore your bleach spots not just to repair the beauty of your upholstery but for safety reasons. Bleach can remain dormant in fabric, the dormant bleach can cause skin irritation and even effect the respiratory system. If the dormant bleach gets reactivated, the bleach spot can spread and become even bigger.

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