What is the Best Way to Clean Sofa Upholstery in Owing Mills, MD? Couch Cleaning, Dyeing & More

Throughout a home and business, furniture is used everywhere. The furniture with upholstery will often undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years. Because of the wear and tear, furniture is replaced simply due to the upholstery’s aesthetics. The upholstery takes up much of the abuse every day, but with proper cleaning the upholstery can be kept looking clean and help extends its life. However, when upholstery develop stains, bleach spots or is neglected, do not give up on your upholstery just yet. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how we can help clean and restore upholstery and extend the life of your furniture.

Get Your Couch Professionally Cleaned

To properly care for your upholstery, it is recommended you have the upholstery deep cleaned about every six months. As people sit on the furniture, they leave behind hair, dead skin cells, and even sweat. At home, many people will even eat and bring in drinks that can spill on the upholstery. Due to the different elements that the upholstery can be exposed to, it is always recommended to have the upholstery deep cleaned to help ensure the upholstery is clean and healthy. However, when the upholstery is neglected they can become very dingy after only a few years. Often stains will appear and the upholstery’s appearance will look even worse. To help reclaim your upholstery, consider seeking a professional upholstery cleaning. To begin recovering your upholstery you will want a deep professional cleaning. A professional will remove more dirt and other substances from out of the upholstery. Do you have stains? If so, a professional will be able to remove most of them. However, there are some stains that may be hard if not impossible to remove. These are considered specialty stains.

How Do You Fix a Stain or Bleach Spot on Sofa?

A specialty stain is a stain that is not removed with any cleaning method. When a blemish will not wash out they may need more excessive measure. These types of spots can be removed by bleaching them out. When bleaching out the spot, you will also take the dye in the upholstery out with it. Once the spot has been bleached out, the bleach spot will then be repaired. Once the stain has been removed, you will need to repair the bleach spot. When bleach spots develop on the upholstery, whether it was the result of a stain repair or an accidental spill from a cleaner, the bleach spot can be repaired. When repairing a bleach spot the site is washed and the bleach neutralized. Once the bleach has been neutralized, the upholstery can now be dyed. When dyeing upholstery a dye specialist will make a dye that matches your upholstery. The dye is applied slowly until color perfectly matches.

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Upholstery on our furniture is something that can be repaired. You should not give up on your upholstery simply because it is dirty or has stains or bleach spots. For quality upholstery restoration services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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