Carpet Dyeing FAQ for Assisted Living in Worcester, MA; Can You Repair Bleached Carpets & More

The carpets in an assisted living facility or nursing home are essential. Carpets provide a soft surface, improve energy efficiency, and reduce noise. As carpets help the residents in various ways, they must be properly cleaned and maintained. Carpets will however, lose their color and develop nasty stains. Assisted living facilities will often look for answers and in so doing, find carpet dyeing services. As nursing homes provide assistance to those with a number of different conditions, often there are a lot of concerns about the service. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share some of the top carpet dyeing concerns or questions asked by managers of nursing homes.

Is Carpet Dyeing Safe?

One of the first questions asked about carpet dyeing for a nursing home and other similar environments is if it is safe? Carpet dyeing is safe. The dyes used for carpet are natural based and are non-toxic. For those worried about the chemicals used during carpet dyeing, rest assured they are non-hazardous and don’t pose a threat.

Can You Repair Bleached Carpet?

As bleach and other similar cleaners are used to ensure a clean environment, bleach spots are fairly common in nursing homes. Essentially, yes carpet dyeing services can repair bleach spots on carpet. Bleach spots are a lightened color patch on the carpet due to negative chemical exposure. Bleach spots can easily be repaired by adding the color back into the carpet. Bleach spot repair is a common service that carpet dyeing companies provide.

Can Carpet Dyeing Get Old Blood Stains Out of Carpet?

Due to the nature of nursing homes, blood stains are equally as common as bleach spots. Although blood stains are very different from bleach spots, it too can be repaired with carpet dyeing. Blood and other altering stains must first be removed with a color stripping agent which removes all of the pigment. Next, a carpet dye technician will then add the proper color of the carpet back into the stain, thus removing the stain completely.

How Much Does Carpet Dyeing Cost?

Carpet dyeing is known to be a more affordable alternative to carpet replacement. Depending on the type and quality of the carpet, carpet dyeing can save anywhere from 25% to 80% of the cost of carpet replacement. However, to properly determine the cost, the carpet dyeing service will need to know the total needs of the carpet. Carpet dye prices will range depending on the size and type of the carpet that needs restoration. You can always contact a carpet dyeing service and tell them the nature of the carpet and request a basic estimate.

What Causes Carpet Fading & Discoloration

Nursing homes, as well as many other commercial settings, often wonder what causes their carpet to fade in the first place. First, nothing will last forever and with enough time, carpet color will fade. However there are a number of different elements that can cause carpet to lose their color faster. Some of the common elements that attack color is UV damage, improper carpet cleaning, and improper carpet maintenance. To extend the life of the carpet and its color, protect the carpets from sunlight, use proper carpet cleaners, and be sure to regularly vacuum and deep clean the carpets.

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