Carpet Dyeing for Condominiums in Silver Spring, MD; Color Change, Bleach Spot Repair Restoration & More

Condos are sprinkled throughout the States and many of them have a number of different requirements they have to follow, including soundproof flooring. One of the most highly used soundproof flooring materials is carpet. Carpets do an amazing job reducing noises in condos and other similar settings. However, carpet can be tricky to maintain as they tend to develop nasty stains or lose their vibrant colors. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help aid condo owners in maintaining long lasting carpets.

Carpet Dyeing & Color Change

Carpets that has lost their color or appear dull can easily be restored. Carpet dyeing can revive the carpet’s original color, or the carpet color can also be changed. Dyeing the carpets can use a few different methods: one uses a carpet dyeing machine the other uses a large sprayer. However, whether re-dyeing carpet or changing its color, the methods are usually the same. A carpet dye technician will often determine which method is best for the type of carpet and its condition. When changing the carpet color there are a few limitations and one being that the carpet can only be dyed a darker color. The color change may also be limited. It will depend on the current color of the carpet. However, carpet color change or color restoration will revive the carpet’s appearance without the need of expensive carpet replacements.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning

A condo owner doesn’t have to wait until the carpets are completely faded to contact a carpet dyeing service. You can seek ongoing maintenance with carpet cleaning and dyeing. Carpets that are due for a deep clean can also be dyed at the same time. A specialized carpet cleaning machine cleans and injects small amounts of dye into the carpet at the same time. This greatly helps extend the life of newer or freshly dyed carpet. The color will never fade as it is constantly being dyed each time it is cleaned.

Bleach Spot & Specialty Carpet Stain Removal

There are two types of blemishes that condo carpet will develop; specialty stains and bleach spots. A bleach spot isn’t a stain really, but the absence of color. A specialty stain is a stain that becomes permanent such as red wine, ink, or coffee stains. Certain substances can leave a permanent mark on your carpets. A carpet dye service can correct both types of stains. Bleach stains are simple. Essentially the right dye formula is applied over the bleach spot. A specialty stain requires an extra step. The stain substance is often bleached out on purpose and then re-dyed, restoring the carpet.

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With professional carpet dyeing services, condo owners can have clean and beautiful carpets. Carpet dyeing can help prolong the need for carpet replacement which extends the life of your condo carpets. The dyes used are non-toxic and will not rub away or transfer onto socks or other linens. Condo owners greatly benefit from carpet dyeing services. To see for yourself, you can contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration and have us come and restore your condo carpets! Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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