Casino Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & Restoration of Carpets During Closures in Arundel Mills, MD

Governor Hogan has ordered all of the casinos throughout Baltimore, MD to shutdown to prevent further COVID-19 exposure. All across the country each state is taking the necessary steps to combat this virus. Even though the casinos are temporally shut down, they are certainly not dead. Inside the casinos many are working hard to thoroughly clean and sanitize the casino for future reopening. While the casinos are closed, they have a unique opportunity to conduct deeper maintenance to their building, including carpet care. Carpet in casinos require different types of maintenance. They require a need to be vacuumed, cleaned and color repaired. Carpet dyeing services can help during this time of closure to completely renew the carpet in casinos. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services can restore and prepare carpet in casinos.

Carpet Discoloration Causes in Casinos

Casinos typically have a very busy environment which makes it hard to properly maintain the carpets. Carpet in casinos frequently require stain removal and repairs. As carpets are prone to heavy foot traffic, they will develop soiling which dulls the carpet’s color. Carpet can also fade due to improper carpet cleaning and to UV damage. When casino carpet has stains, bleach spots or has lost their once vibrant color, they often need specialty services. While the casinos are temporally closed, why not give the casino carpets the extra attention it needs.

Carpet Dyeing Permanent Stains & Bleach Spots

Carpet in casinos that have developed stains can be easily repaired. Some stains leave a permanent mark on the carpets that will not come out. Carpet dyeing services can help remove even permanent stains. When stains occur that cannot be removed, a carpet dye technician removes pigmented stains by bleaching them out of the carpet. During this process the dye in the carpet will also be removed. Then, once the stain’s pigment is out the carpet it is then re-dyed. The stain site is dyed using the same dye formula as the original. The dye is slowly applied in layers until the stain site matches the rest of the carpet. Bleach spots are common and during the casino’s intensive cleaning, bleach spots can develop accidentally. When bleach spots occur, a carpet dye technician can restore the bleach spot. The process is rather simple. The technician will replace the missing dye repairing the bleach spot. Of course there is a bit more to it than just that. However, bleach spots are easily repaired by a carpet dye technician.

Carpet Color Loss Restoration

Carpet can also fade or lose their color. During closure, carpet that may be cleaned can have a negative reaction to the EPA approved carpet cleaners that kill Coronaviruses. If this occurs, carpet dyes can bleed leaving the carpet looking dull. However, carpet can already be affected and have a dull appearance. If the casino finds they need their carpet color revived, a carpet dyeing service can do total room carpet dyeing. While the casino is empty, now is the perfect time to restore the carpets. A carpet dye service can re-dye the carpets all throughout the casino, restoring their color.

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There are other carpet dyeing services that can benefit casinos such as carpet dyeing color change, carpet cleaning and dyeing, and more. If you want to take this opportunity to restore the carpet while your casino is closed and being cleaned and maintained, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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