Carpet Dyeing Restoration; Carpets in Retirement Homes Can Be Dyed in Montgomery Village, MD!

Inside retirement homes there are often many rooms, halls and community areas with carpets as it is a multi-residence housing facility. Carpets inside old age homes are prone to bleach spots and soiling, which leaves behind discolored travel marks. Carpet will also fade and develop permanent stains that never seem to wash out. When carpet in senior living homes develop stains, bleach spots, soiling patterns, and fading; often a specialty carpet restoration service is used to help maintain the carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpets can be beautifully restored in retirement homes.

Bleach Spots & Specialty Stain Repair

Carpet in retirement homes are prone to bleach spots and permanent stains. These are also known as specialty stains. Both bleach spots and specialty stains cannot be removed with simple cleaning techniques. When bleach spots or permanent stains occur in an old age home, they can be repaired with little to no disturbance to the residents or staff. A carpet dye technician can come and repair the bleach spots or stains, while only servicing the needed sites. When repairing a permanent stain, the technician will need to bleach out the stain and then re-dye the carpet. Bleach spot repair may require the same process if some pigment remains in the carpet or if the color has been altered and lightened. If the bleach spot has completely stripped out the color, then the bleach spot just needs the dye put back into the carpet. Repairing stains is relatively fast and is not very invasive which prevents interruption of the facility’s daily activities.

Restore Color to Faded Carpet

Soiling stains inside retirement homes are due to constant foot traffic as people walk up and down the halls. Carpet fading can occur over time, or to sunlight exposure or even improper carpet cleaning. When repairing carpet that has soiling or fading, often they need to be cleaned first to make sure all of the dirt and other contaminates are removed. Additionally, the furniture in the carpet dyeing site should be removed to ensure full coverage. Dyeing carpet can take between 1 to 6 hours. However, it could take longer depending on how large the area is. This means there could be some disturbance to the home’s normal activities. It is recommended to avoid having the carpet dyed in busy sites of the senior living home. Carpet dyeing services are fairly flexible and can help work around the home’s schedule to avoid interfering with resident.

Can You Change the Color of Carpet?

Carpet dyeing can help the carpet in retirement homes in a number of different ways. The first major way is having carpet re-dyed the same color for continuity. Another dye service is to change the color of the carpets if so desired. The carpet color can be dyed a darker color which helps hide stains and soiling. However, the retirement home doesn’t have to wait until the carpet has developed soiling or fading. Carpet color can be maintained with carpet dyeing carpet cleaning which helps to maintain the color in the carpet while keeping the carpets clean.

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Carpet dyeing services can help maintain carpet in retirement homes and other buildings. With carpet dyeing you can extend the life and beauty of the carpets. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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