Carpet Dyeing for Retirement Homes & Assisted Living Facilities in Charlottesville, VA

Retirement homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide long term lodging services that provides a combination of housing, personal care services, socializing and health care catering to individuals who need assistance with normal daily activities in a way that promotes maximum independence. Many of the areas in an assisted living facility use carpets to provide better efficiency, a soft surface, and help reduce noise. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how we can help restore and prolong the carpets in an assisted living facility.

What Causes Fading & Discoloration on Assisted Living Facility Carpets?

In addition to lodging, assisted living facilities also have visiting areas, socializing lounges, and more that often use carpets that are exposed to heavy foot traffic. High foot traffic areas often leads to soiling which causes grayish color wear marks in the carpet. Retirement homes and the like love to have big windows that will allow a lot of sunshine into the facility. This helps lift the mood of the residents. Unfortunately prolonged sun exposure can lead to carpet fading and discoloration. Other common causes of carpet bleeding or carpet losing its color is due to improper carpet cleaning. It is common in this setting for carpet to develop blemishes including bleach spots. Once carpet becomes soiled, discolored, or stained, often the assisted living facility is forced to replace the carpets. However, carpet dye and restoration services can repair the carpet which helps save both time and money.

How Does Carpet Dyeing Work?

Carpet dyeing can restore the carpet’s color when it becomes faded. When carpets are dyed they are first thoroughly cleaned which helps recover the carpet texture and pile as well as making sure it’s super clean. After the carpet are cleaned, the dye is applied to the carpet. There are varying methods. Some methods clean and color the carpet at the same time. During the dyeing process the carpet color can be reapplied or a new color can be used. If the nursing home wishes to change the color of the carpet they have that option. However, there are limitations. In most cases, the carpet can be dyed a darker color. Sometimes the color pallet is determined by the current color of the carpet. The dyes used are a non-toxic and non-rub mixture. Once the dye is dry, the dye wont transfer or rub off.

Bleach Spot Repair & Stain Removal

Another common need for carpet dye services is bleach spot and stain repair. When stubborn stains or bleach spots occur on the carpet, they can become distracting and create a negative view on the center and its maintenance. Stains can easily disappear with carpet dyeing. Again, the site is thoroughly cleaned to prevent interference with the dyes. The carpet color is then matched and the dye is applied over the stain, small drops at a time.

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