How Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair Helps Maid & Janitorial Cleaning Services in Winchester, VA

Maid and janitorial companies are expected to maintain residential and commercial properties with detailed cleaning. These residential and commercial cleaning services often come equipped with all the tools of the trade, including carpet care tools. They may be able to vacuum and occasionally clean carpets. However, they don’t have the ability to restore carpet as they become stained or as they lose their color. It is common for maids and janitors to seek outside help when restoring their client’s carpets. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services work with maid and janitorial services to restore carpet after they have become faded or are stained.

Carpet Dye Contractors are Specialists

Professional cleaning companies can do a great job maintaining residential and commercial buildings. They attend to every detail in the effort to remove dust and keep surfaces sanitary. However, they are often limited when it comes to carpets. Maids and janitors will vacuum thoroughly and with proper techniques, which removes most of the surface dirt on the carpet. Not all, but some cleaning companies also offer carpet cleaning services which is essential to the overall care of the carpet. With proper care the carpet condition can be maintained and easily last ten years or more. However, time and a number of other elements can cause the carpet to lose the brilliant color(s) or become abused by stains. This is where carpet dye services can assist maids and janitors. Carpet dye technicians are trained in carpet restoration and have all the tools needed to restore carpets.

Bleach Spot Repair & Carpet Dyeing Services

It is not uncommon for maid and janitorial services to seek additional help in restoring carpet. Carpet dye services can help restore the carpets and even change the carpet color if the client requests it. However, the two most common services sought by maid services are carpet bleach spot restoration and total carpet dyeing. Bleach spots are all too common. In such cases, an aggressive chemical stripped the pigment right out of the carpet. The blemish often bothers the homeowner or business building management. Bleach spots can be easily recovered. Since the pigment has been removed, all that needs doing is to restore the area by adding the pigment back into the carpet. Carpet dye technicians can quickly match the dye of the carpet and apply the dye in small increments at a time. Slow blending of the dye into the carpet can achieve a perfect match.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

Another common request from carpet dyeing services is to restore the entire carpet color. Clients often ask their maid or janitorial company what can be done to restore the carpet’s color or is it simply time to replace the dull looking carpets? As long as the carpet has been taken care of and is in good condition, the carpet’s color can be restored. It is important that the carpets are first cleaned before dyeing. This is often done by the carpet dye service. Once the carpet is properly prepped, the carpet dye service can come and apply dye back into the faded carpet restoring the carpet’s original color. Total carpet dyeing is done using a number of different methods. One method uses a large sprayer much like a pressure cleaner to apply the dye and then it is gently worked in with a carpet tool. Another method uses a machine. Some can clean and dye the carpet at the same time while others simply dye the carpet.

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